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Spring Cleaning Closet Hacks

It’s almost spring and you know what that means! It’s time to get a head start on tidying up and decluttering your space! Organizing your space can be an arduous task, but try to start small. Read on for some Spring cleaning closet hacks on where to begin cleaning out your closet for the upcoming season.

The Method:

Before you can start cleaning, it is best to get an overview of the items you have so you can decide what you want to keep and what you want to clear out. This is best done by taking everything out of your closet and physically dumping it out on your bed. We recommend dumping it out on your bed rather than the floor because this way, your clothes can stay clean and it feels more like doing an everyday task like laundry rather than an overwhelming task like de-cluttering.

After you have a (most likely giant) pile of clothes on your bed, it is time to determine what to keep and what to give away. There are a variety of methods for de-cluttering, but we recommend using something called the “Marie Kondo” method, an organizational method coined by a Japanese woman named Mari Kondo. This method has many different elements but it begins with deciding if a clothing piece “sparks joy” or not. If a clothing piece “sparks joy” then this means you feel happy when you wear this piece, meaning it is probably worth keeping. If it’s something you don’t reach for often or much at all, or maybe it once “sparked joy” but doesn’t recently, then you can thank the item for the joys it gave you and donate it so it can spark joy for someone else instead. 

The Task:

After you have officially sorted what you want to keep and what you’d like to donate, it’s time to get organizing! No matter what way you choose to organize, make sure your clothes are all visible and in some type of order. For example, if you like to wear lots of colors, group like-colored clothing together for a closet rainbow! If you prefer neutral colors, separate your clothing by events such as loungewear, office wear, and event wear. Then arrange your clothes in a way that makes sense for you! 

One example might be by weather: this means from left to right – first tank tops, then t-shirts, blouses, long sleeves, and finally jackets or outerwear. Organize your closet in a way that will work best for you and save you time and stress in the morning. If you try it out for a week and decide you don’t like it, try a new method! There are many different ways to organize and sometimes it takes trial-and-error to find what works best for you. 

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Donating some clothing at the start of spring is a great way to set yourself up for success. As you get rid of some clothing items you don’t wear as often, you can start recognizing patterns in what you like to wear or what are missing and thus aspire to add to your wardrobe so that you can make better, more conscious shopping choices in future months and years to come. 

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Need some extra help? 

And of course, if you feel like your lack of organization comes from your closet’s physical set up such as lack of drawers or hanging space, reach out to More Space Place to receive a free consultation for a custom closet. Customizing your closet’s set up to best suit your needs could be the last step you need to stay on top of your organization. Our design team at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton is happy to assist with bringing your visions to life. Contact us today! 

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