Revamp a Bedroom With Innovative Storage Solutions

The bedroom tends to be one of the spaces in a home where the occupant spends the most time, and it is also the place where individuals need to store the most items. Whether it’s clothes or other personal belongings, having the right amount of storage can help the space look more inviting and less cluttered. However, at some point, most people need a change and some additional storage space. This is where innovative storage solutions come into play.

Make More Space

One of the best methods for changing a room’s look and feel is by making more space. This feat can be accomplished by adding storage to other areas such as pre-existing closets and corners. There is also the Murphy Bed option to have a bed with additional storage drawers built-in. This strategy allows people to get items safely out of the way and out of plain sight, which adds the illusion of a bigger space and provides more room to move around.

Some other solutions to make space include getting rid of useless furniture items such as nightstands. Beds with storage solutions built into the frame allow you to place your clock, books, and other nearby items without adding extra bulky furniture. Additional clothing storage solutions can also be added to closets and corner spaces, allowing you to get rid of dressers and armoires to add additional space.

Consider Decor and Presentation

Simply adding additional storage solutions isn’t enough to revamp a bedroom space. First, you need to ensure you use high-quality storage solutions that look as good as they function. At More Space Place Sarasota, we offer great-looking storage solutions and products that fit into your space’s design and elevate its overall appearance.

Once the storage solutions are in place, you need to consider adding texture to the room to add dimension and avoid blandness. This task can be accomplished with art, mirrors, and plants. Work with different sizes and colors that fit the theme you’re going for, and don’t be afraid to go in a completely different direction than before to see a big change and refresh the space’s look.

However, a word of caution, if you plan to sell or rent the home at some point soon, avoid a bold bedroom design with lots of color variation. Keeping a centralized theme for the home can be a selling point and give the home a sense of continuity.

With a bit of pre-planning and high-quality storage solutions, people can transform their cluttered and boring bedrooms into an oasis they look forward to using every day. Decide which storage options work best for your needs and get started revamping your bedroom, so it accommodates your lifestyle.

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