Laundry Room Cleanout For Spring & Summer

If you have an active family, the summer is probably when your house is at its busiest. Going into your laundry room at the end of the day can be exhausting if it’s cluttered. Here at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton, we want to help take the stress away from having a dirty, unorganized space and create an organizational system that works best for you. Read below for more ideas about how to organize your laundry room!

Cut back on Clutter

If your laundry room feels cluttered, it might be because you feel like simply have too many items. Before creating an organizational system, sort through what you have and see if you can’t donate some items first. Lightly used clothing, laundry hampers, organizer, and detergent you don’t use are all great items to be donated. This is best done by setting up garbage bags or cardboard boxes, one labeled “donate” and one labeled ”keep”. After you’ve decided what you want to donate, move the box out of the room so that it’s not in your way. The less you can scatter your belongings the better. 

donation box

Use Bins and Organizers 

Once you have determined what you need, place items in clear bins so you can know what you have. Using plastic bins can also prevent water damage during floods or if your laundry overflows. Try to also place items you need the most within arm’s reach. If you have items you don’t use every day, you can store these on high shelves. Anything you use very rarely can also be stored in a linen/cleaning closet (depending on the product) so they don’t take up space. 

Customize Storage With More Space Place:

If you feel like your organization needs a little bit of extra help, contact More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton for custom laundry room storage. We offer the following accessories:

Our goal at More Space Place of Sarasota and Bradenton is to help you maximize your laundry room space with efficient and functional storage designs that are easy to use, keep you organized, and help streamline your tasks. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get started today! 

Photo credit: © iStock Jovanmandic