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Designer’s Den: An Abundance of Cherry (Wood) 

If you’re interested in getting a custom service done by More Space Place Sarasota or Bradenton, you might be wondering: how does this process work? Take a look at this first-hand account from one of our designers, Mark Schefke, on the process from start to finish. 

The Vision:

“This customer came into our Sarasota store with a unique request. He was frustrated with the lack of storage in his office. He wanted to custom design his room to accommodate a Murphy bed with lots of storage to put his favorite books to put on display. In the same room, he wanted a functional home office desk with a large cabinet to display his memorabilia from his companies as well as space for a heavy statue in the corner. 

The Project:

At More Space Place, we have many different options for designs in terms of wood finish and hardware. While this can sometimes be a difficult decision for customers, the customer had just had his late grandfather’s favorite chair refinished and reupholstered. The arms were a very unique cherry wood with a light cherry finish. Thus, the customer wanted the wood of his new cabinetry to match his grandfather’s chair. In order to get the match exactly right, we created a custom stain of Cherry for the ultimate seamless blend. 

Gershen 3

As for the storage setup, our solution was a Jefferson Queen size Murphy Bed (128” Wide), with lower cabinets, a work surface, and a Wall unit all finished in the custom stained Cherry color. We measured the space and got to work creating the storage unit of our customer’s dreams! The wall unit was 90” high and 36” wide and had entirely glass shelves with LED Lights on both the upper and lower fixed shelves, to properly show off the memorabilia to be displayed. Both the Murphy Bed and the Wall unit were equipped with Crown Moldings, and the hardware used was Black Arched Pulls.

We were happy that we were able to find a solution to our customer’s worries and he was very pleased with the results. 

Gershen 4

Contact Us: 

Thank you very much to our designer Mark and our lovely Sarasota team for completing this project!

If you liked this post and you’re interested in a custom design project, contact your local More Space Place in Sarasota, and Bradenton to speak to a designer about creating a storage system that best suits your needs today! We’ll start by providing you with a free in-home consultation where you can talk through your storage needs with one of our experts.