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Designer’s Den: Bedroom to a Hobby Room 

If you’re interested in getting a custom service done by More Space Place Bradenton, you might be wondering: how does this process work? Take a look at this first-hand account from one of our designers, Jamie Kirk, on the process from start to finish. 

The Project:

“A customer in Lakewood Ranch came to me for help turning a bedroom of her recently purchased home into a multi-functional hobby room she could be proud of! She wanted to have a workspace that could also be used for crafts but thought it would be great to have a secondary guest room as well. 

When it came to designing, the customer had some ideas, but not a full vision. I assisted her by discovering that she needed a lot of file storage, display areas, a Queen Bed, and a functional workspace. As for the details, she wanted the room to feel light, and airy, with a hint of modern aesthetic.

floor view of bradenton custom bedroom to hobby room designed by jamie kirk
Full room view

The design that we finalized, as pictured, fits her room perfectly! At about 12 x 15, we had a lot of great space to work with, though a design like this can be scaled down to a room as small as 10 x 10. In this rendition, we put Large File Drawers with a Custom Window Seat, for which the customer stated she will make a cushion herself. 

To create a beautiful Display area, we created a wall-to-wall Custom Hutch on either side of the Murphy bed with Trim Atop. This creates a very clean, bright, and functional-looking unit without using glass or lights. These units match the height of the bed while being more shallow than the bed and Countertop below. This, therefore, adds dimension to the shelves above and seamlessly ties in the workstation.

bradenton custom bed to hobby room by jamie kirk
Details with Murphy bed in-wall and seamless cabinets

The Materials used include:

A configuration like this can be customized in many different ways, based on the customer’s needs. In every case, I try to discover my customer’s primary needs for the space in terms of usage, storage, and aesthetics.” 

Contact Us:

Thank you very much to our designer Jamie and our lovely team for completing this project!

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