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Organize A Pantry

If you’re new to optimized pantry design and/or looking to refresh your system, there are a multitude of ways of doing so. Every pantry is structured differently but essentially consists of a cabinet with shelving. No matter how your pantry is built, try different organizational methods so you can find out what works best for you and your household. Read below to find out our tips and tricks to organize a pantry.

Trying bins and organizers:

If you look in your pantry and you see piles of snacks or items, try using bins or clear containers. Leaving food in their original containers can cause your favorite snacks to get “lost” behind bigger items in your pantry. If you use separate snack bins, you never have to “dig” through your pantry again! We recommend using open-faced bins so you or your kids can easily grab snacks at any time.

As for smaller items in your pantry, such as your spices and herbs, consider a lazy susan! Lazy Susan’s are a great way to organize because they allow you to view all your items at once. A Lazy Susan is also a wonderful way to utilize the height of shelf space, meaning you can fit more things into corners. Most pantry shelves can support the weight of a Lazy Susan but if you’re hoping to redo your pantry design, don’t hesitate to reach out to our designers here at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton. 

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Using height wisely:

Another way to make the most of your space is by using shelf dividers. Some pantry shelves are taller rather than they are deep. This means a wire rack to divide one shelf into two, could be a perfect solution! With a wire rack, you can group categories of the same food together such as canned soups on one level and dried pasta/grains on another. 

Using your height can also look like placing healthier snacks at eye level. If you have young children, after they come home from school they probably grab whatever snack is the easiest to reach. If you store sugary or “weekend” snacks on higher shelves, your children will be more likely to opt for the easier-to-reach healthy snacks instead! 

Apply this tip to “adult snacks” such as alcohol and your personal snacks too! If you have a prized wine collection, a stylish and efficient wine rack can even be incorporated into your custom pantry design.

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And of course, if you feel like your lack of organization comes from your pantry’s physical setup, we can help! Reach out to More Space Place to receive a free consultation for a custom pantry. Customizing your pantry’s set up to best suit your needs is a great way to stay on top of your organization. Our design team at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton is happy to assist with bringing your visions to life. Contact us today! 

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Kitchen pantry organization comes in handy when it comes time to start cooking and you’re looking around your kitchen pantry for the right ingredients. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to find where you put the oregano or arguing with your family about where they last saw the flour, it could be time to evaluate and find a solution. Our experts at More Space Place Sarasota have some common fixes to pantry problems. 

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For ingredients bought in bulk and transferred from their original packaging, labeling is key. When transferring flour or sugar into new containers, make sure to add a sticker or create your own label, even if the containers are different sizes. You wouldn’t want to accidentally use sugar instead of salt!

Poor Shelves

Ensuring you have strong shelves can save a massive headache down the road. Heavy cans and containers can cause thin flimsy shelves to sag and at worst, break and fall down. Upgrade pantry shelving with thick shelves and better yet, make sure it is securely anchored to the wall. By working with a local company like More Space Place Sarasota, you can ensure that your units will be built and cut specifically for your home. We use durable materials in all of our projects and we even offer a lifetime warranty!


Pantries that are disorganized with no rhyme or reason are hard to navigate, especially when you have a guest help you prepare dinner. Having everything in a logical place will help speed up prep times and reduce stress. For example, baking ingredients like flour, sugar, and baking soda should be stored close to each other. Vinegar and oils should be kept together and spices should be easy to find. 

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Pots and Pans

Now that your ingredients are organized, it’s time to make sure your utensils are taken care of. Pots, pans, a blender, and mixers take up valuable space. Not remembering to create a place for it in your pantry or somewhere in your kitchen can lead to cluttered countertops. Dedicate a pantry or shelf for your most used appliances and store appliances you don’t frequently use farther from reach.

Once your Kitchen Pantry is fully organized, consider drawing a little map and taping it on your pantry door. It may save some time down the road for your friends and family. Choose More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte for all your built-in storage needs including a customized pantry system. Call or stop by our showroom today!

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custom pantry organization SarasotaHaving a pantry for storage in your kitchen can be a mixed blessing. When it’s not organized, a kitchen pantry can quickly become a place where food goes to get lost or stale. How many times have you come home from the grocery store with a can of green beans only to discover you had four in your pantry gathering dust? If you are putting food in your pantry only to lose it and never use it, you are wasting money and space. Customized pantry storage allows you to better organize your kitchen, ultimately leading to quicker meal prep, easier access to your items, and financial savings. More Space Place Sarasota is here to share some features you can consider as you plan your custom pantry storage solution.

Consider Sliding Shelves

One of the reasons pantries tend to collect food that doesn’t get used is because items get shoved to the back of deep-set shelves. Shelves that slide effortlessly out on smooth tracks offer a solution to this problem. You can put just as much food on a shelf, but being able to pull it out for easier access to everything, especially the things in the back, prevents food from going to waste or being forgotten.

Add Shelving to the Door

If your pantry has a regular door that opens on hinges, make sure to utilize the back of the door. This is the perfect place to add shelving or storage racks for spices and small cans. Many people forget about this spot and don’t end up maximizing their pantry’s storage potential.

Choose Shallow Shelves When Possible

If you have a walk-in pantry, consider keeping your shelving fairly shallow. This will help prevent you from losing items inside. It’s also a good idea to store like items together so you can easily see what you have, as well as find what you need when you need it.

Consider Some Drawers

There are some dry items that you will store in your pantry, like bags of rice and pasta, that don’t stack easily on a shelf. A couple of rollout drawers can provide a great place to store these kinds of things. We offer a variety of styles and finishes, as well as hardware options, so you can create a pantry storage system that looks the way you want it to.

When it comes to your kitchen pantry, the more organized you are, the better space will be used. Make sure you aren’t wasting grocery money by buying items that never get used. Invest in a custom storage solution and enjoy a more functional, easily accessible pantry. Contact More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte today for a free in-home consultation! We’ll help you achieve the organized kitchen you’ve always wanted.


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