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We’re back with another Designer’s Den! Your behind-the-scenes access to learning more about the More Space Place process of custom installation from start to finish. Read on to find out how designer Skylar Cressey turned this cramped car dealership into a comfortable workspace for everyone!

The Vision:

“When I first received the call that a car dealership wanted to explore options of design work with us, I was hesitant. We had never designed to that magnitude before, so naturally, I was unsure how this design would happen. When I arrived at Englewood Ford a week after I received the call, I spoke with very sweet and helpful staff who expressed exactly what they were looking for. Their previous setting wasn’t doing it for them, and they needed a desk set up to accommodate 6 people. 

The space was quite large, so I knew it was going to be a big job. They said they wanted to keep it simple, yet functional. The most important thing was making sure that everyone had enough room to be able to comfortably talk to other clients in private. After I measured the space and got all the information I needed, I got to designing this custom office space. While designing, I made sure every employee had at least 3 feet of legroom space, so no one felt squished. I included a base cabinet with storage for files, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items next to everyone’s desk. I also make sure I included a USB Grommet next to everyone’s desk so they would all have access to plugs and outlets.

skylar cressey srasota design

The Project:

Because I had never done anything like this before, I made sure to meet with our seasoned installer to see what extra material needed to be ordered, labor that needed to be accounted for, and if this scale of design was even possible. After the green light from the installer, I went ahead and sent over the designs to the manager who absolutely loved it! After that, a few of them took a ride up to visit me in my showroom and pick out colors, desktop, and hardware options. They went with a lighter “Candlelight Maple” wood tone, a lighter desktop color, and Brushed Nickel hardware to tie it all together. 

Once I sold the job, I was so anxious to see how it was going to turn out. And to no surprise, our installer did a remarkable job! Everything came out even better than I was expecting, and most importantly, everyone was so happy! Say goodbye to cramped desk space and hello to a neat and organized space! The total time from measuring to installing was roughly 3 months and the process could not have gone any smoother.”

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Contact Us:

Thank you very much to our designer Skylar and our lovely team for completing this project!

If you liked this post and you’re interested in a custom design project, contact your local More Space Place in Sarasota, and Bradenton to speak to a designer about creating a storage system that best suits your needs today! We’ll start by providing you with a free in-home consultation where you can talk through your storage needs with one of our experts.

Essential Home Office Furniture

If you are planning on working from home for the foreseeable future, then you might be thinking about putting in a home office. This is a great way to help yourself be productive even as you try to work from home. At the same time, you need to think carefully about what you put in your home office. For example, you might be wondering if you need a filing cabinet. Is this really something that you need in the modern era? Take a look at a few important considerations below from More Space Place Sarasota.

home office drop down modern

How Much Space Do You Have?

First, you need to think about how much space you have. A filing cabinet can take up a significant amount of space in your home office, so you need to think about where you might put this. You might be better off putting your filing cabinet in a closet where it will be out of the way. There is a good chance you will not be going into your filing cabinet regularly, so the closet might not be a bad place for it. 

Do You Have Paper Documents?

Of course, you also need to think about how many paper documents you have. For example, you might receive your tax returns in the form of a book. If that is the case, you need a convenient way to keep track of them. A filing cabinet might be a good option for you. You might also have other confidential documents you need to protect. In that situation, you may want to get a filing cabinet that comes with a lock and key. 

What About Other Storage Options?

Finally, you should also think about the other storage options you have available. For example, you might be looking for a way to digitize most of your documents. That way, you no longer need a filing cabinet. Or, you may be looking for file separators you can put in your desk drawer. If you want to set up your home office for success, you should work with our experienced team. 

custom home office styles - Sarasota

Work with the Professionals from More Space Place Sarasota

Ultimately, these are just a few of the most important things you need to keep in mind if you are thinking about getting a filing cabinet for your home office. If you want to get the most out of your home office, then stop by your local More Space Place showroom to examine our custom furniture for yourself. Our Staff is here to provide you with a FREE no-obligation design consultation, quotation and 3-D design drawing of your project. Contact us today!

custom home office furniture sarasota, bradenton, port charlotte

custom home office furniture sarasota, bradenton, port charlotteIf you’re able to telecommute or if you regularly work from home for your own business in Port Charlotte, FL, you probably already have a home office. If so, is it everything it could be? If you’re still using the same desk that was left over from the craft room, you might be selling yourself short. Furniture bought from a standard furniture store might be an easy solution, but is it creating the ideal office environment for you?

If you’re not content with your current office layout, it’s time to upgrade to a custom setup. Custom office furniture can include a desk, cabinets, shelving, unique storage solutions, and much more. From floor to ceiling bookshelves to modern, integrated cabinetry, a custom office design has numerous features and benefits.

1. Make the Most of Your Space

No matter what size of space you have available for your office, a custom setup allows you to make the most of it. With a custom home office, every inch of space can be maximized with custom furniture designed to complement the space perfectly. You’ll maximize the use of the room as each furniture piece dovetails with all of the other components.

2. Optimal Ergonomics

From desk height to the location of frequently used drawers and important areas of the office, there is an ideal placement, size, and configuration to ensure you will stay healthy, happy, and comfortable at work. When your office furniture is custom designed, ideal ergonomics can be built right in.

3. Maximize Storage Solutions

In addition to a custom desk with ideal space both on the surface and in the storage, custom office solutions ensure that you’ll have the perfect amount of storage for your needs. Expandable options are also available that leave your Port Charlotte business room to grow.

4. Beautiful Aesthetics

When it comes to office aesthetics, looks matter. Furniture types and styles that are mismatched or discordant disrupt the visual flow of the room. This creates a background of subtle distraction and can lead to increased stress and lapses in productivity. By comparison, custom office furniture fits like a glove as one piece flows seamlessly into the next. Whether you choose sleek, modern look or a classically traditional style, your custom home office can mirror your tastes and preferences.

5. Exquisite Attention to Detail

Custom office furniture also ensures all the fine details will be taken care of to meet your workplace needs and specifications. You can include space for an oversized monitor, specialized hardware cabinets, and furniture details to help you hide all your cords and cables. More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte offers a wide variety of colors, finishes, hardware, and other elements so you can achieve your ideal look.

A considerable amount of time is spent in your home office, so why not create an environment where you’ll love to be? Custom home office furniture brings numerous personal and professional benefits to your workspace. Call the experts at More Space Place today to schedule a free in-home consultation!