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Whether you are someone who likes to get up early or someone who likes to sleep in, it’s important to have a kitchen you can feel comfortable in. The setup of your kitchen should accommodate your needs so that you can maximize the space and minimize the feeling of being stressed when you can’t find what you need. Read on to find out More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton’s tips for organizing a breakfast nook and coffee station. 

Sturdy Shelving:

To properly begin organizing your space, it’s important to consider what your morning routine looks like and how your organization can best accommodate it. For example, do you like your morning coffee with syrups and flavors? Maybe you like having honey or sugar in your tea? Either way, you might be worried that heavy cans and containers will cause your thin flimsy shelves to sag and at worst, break and fall down. Luckily, our custom pantry shelves are thick and anchored to the wall for maximum safety. By working with a local company like More Space Place Sarasota, you can ensure that your units will be built and cut specifically for your home. We use durable materials in all of our projects and we even offer a lifetime warranty!

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Similar item Storage:

One of the best ways to organize your breakfast area is to place similar items next to each other in the pantry itself. This might seem like a simple solution but you could be surprised with how much time you save in the morning by grouping your items by use or step in your routine. For example, if you start with coffee or tea, have your mugs, syrup, and some extra spoons close to your coffee machine or hot water kettle. For toasts and other snacks put those close to your plates near to the beverage station so you can grab and go if you need to. 

shelf coffee and sugar bowl

Work with the experts:

Choose More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte for all your built-in storage needs including a customized pantry system. Our Staff is here to provide you with a FREE no-obligation design consultation, quotation, and 3-D design drawing of your project. Call or stop by our showroom today! 

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If you are trying to maximize the amount of space in your kitchen, you know that pots and pans can be significant obstacles. They are large, awkwardly shaped, and heavy. As a result, they can be difficult to store. Fortunately, you can follow a few simple tricks from More Space Place Sarasota/Bradenton/Port Charlotte if you want to improve your ability to store your pots and pans. What are several key examples you should note?

Consider an Overhead Storage System

You probably still have a lot of free space above your kitchen cabinets, islands, and tables. Therefore, consider installing an overhead storage system for your pots and pans. That way, you no longer have to worry about reaching into the back of a cabinet or removing a bunch of pots and pans to pull one out from the bottom. All you have to do is reach above you to pull down the pot or pan you need.

custom venice pantry fl

Think About Hanging Them Under the Island

You might also have space underneath your island. If you have an open island in the center of your kitchen, you may be able to hang your pots and pans underneath the table. That way, you don’t have to worry about placing your pots and pans in the pantry somewhere. You can simply reach under the island, grab the pot or pan you need, and continue with your recipe.

Use the Backs of Cabinet and Closet Doors

Finally, you may not realize just how much space you have on the backs of your cabinet and closet doors. Even though some of your doors may not be big enough to hold your pots and pans, you might be able to store some of your smaller items there. Especially if your cabinets still have room at the back, you may be able to push the contents in a bit more. Then, you can install the hook on the back of the door, hang up your pots and pans, and instantly create more space in your kitchen. Consider taking advantage of the back of your cabinet doors.

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Learn More About Storing Your Pots and Pans with the Help of More Space Place Sarasota

If you want to make the most out of your kitchen space, then you should think carefully about how you store your pots and pans. Even though you may think these are large objects you have to shove in a cabinet, there are creative ways you can maximize your pot and pan storage. At More Space Place Sarasota/Bradenton/Port Charlotte,  it would be our pleasure to work with you. We will customize our services to meet your needs, helping you store your pots and pans properly. Contact us today to learn more!

decluttering storage solutionsStaying organized is a common New Year’s resolution. Even if your goal is something else, organizing your home can help you keep it! Below, our team of organization experts has shared how organizing your home can help you stay true to your 2020 resolution.

Eating Healthier

There are a variety of ways that an organized home can benefit your goal to have healthier habits in 2020. Let’s start with the kitchen! Re-organizing your kitchen with healthy food in mind will help you stick to a new diet. Place junk food in hard-to-reach places, and give healthy food – like fruit, granola bars, and whole-grain snacks – center-stage in your pantry. Having an organized kitchen can also inspire you to cook more. Consider a spice rack, which will make home-cooked meals more fun and delicious. Putting pots, pans, and cooking utensils in easy-to-find places will also help meal prep feel less stressful. 

Being More Active

If your goal is to be more active, then having a neat and organized home can help with that, too! First, of course, cleaning requires more movement than simply sitting still. A neat home can also benefit your mood and energy levels, helping you feel less down in the dumps.

Being More Productive

As mentioned above, an organized home will improve mental clarity. This is especially true for the areas of your home that you typically work from – whether that’s your home office, den, living room, or even bedroom. When everything is cluttered and messy, your mind feels the same way. In a clean environment, with everything you need to be productive right on hand, it’s much easier to get in the groove of work.

Learn A New Skill

How can keeping a clean home help you learn a new skill? The process of cleaning will help you clear space in your home – space that you can dedicate to other activities. Clearing and sorting your belongings will also help you re-learn what’s important in your life. You might even discover some forgotten craft materials, notebooks, or instruments that you had purchased for the same resolution at the beginning of last year. 

Improve Your Home With More Space Place!

Our organization & space-saving experts can help you improve your home with custom-built furniture for every room. From bedroom to garage, we’ll help you design the perfect storage solution and Make Room for Life. Get in touch with our team today to learn more, or visit us at our showrooms! We have three convenient locations in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte, FL.

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Cramped kitchens can easily wear down your patience. From lacking storage space to countertop clutter, keeping a small kitchen functional and organized is difficult! At More Space Place, we can help. We’re experts in maximizing the utility of small spaces. Keep reading to discover our tips and tricks for making the most out of a smaller kitchen.

Hanging Storage

Hanging storage systems are perfect for kitchens that lack cabinet, drawer, and pantry space. Make use of walls and store lighter items with simple stick-on hooks. For heavier items, like pots and pans, it may be smart to invest in a sturdy hanging storage system that incorporates either wall or ceiling space. 

Lazy Susans

For a small kitchen, a lazy Susan can be a lifesaver. Lazy Susans, which provide rotating storage, allow you to maximize the use of corner cabinets and drawers. They also make it easier to keep track of all your items. Perfect for spices, ingredients, and more!

Custom-Built Pantry

In smaller kitchens, the pantry might be unbearably cramped. You might not even have a pantry at all! More Space Place is here to help. We design, build, and install custom pantry systems of all sizes. From designing a built-in system to a standalone model, we can find a way to incorporate a custom pantry into your kitchen. Get in touch with our team today to learn more, or view some of our local projects online!

Rolling Island

A kitchen island can immediately make a kitchen feel more usable, especially one that provides storage, counter, and even seating space. Is your small kitchen missing an island? A rolling island might be a good fit! Rolling islands are portable islands that can be easily integrated – and removed – from your kitchen layout. They’re ideal for defining space in open-concept kitchens, too.

Learn More From More Space Place! 

The More Space Place team can help you upgrade your kitchen with a custom storage solution, from kitchen pantries to built-in shelves and drawers. Contact us today to learn more! You can also drop by one of our showrooms in Sarasota, Bradenton, or Port Charlotte to view our various storage options.

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This custom pantry was built for a home kitchen in Venice, Florida. This contemporary white pantry, built from melamine, features numerous storage options: Jeffrey Alexander satin nickel handles, adjustable shelving, slide-out baskets, vertical dividers for tray storage, and plenty of storage place above and below for larger items.

custom pantry venice florida custom venice pantry fl

kitchen design options more space place

kitchen design options more space place

As an avid home chef, your current kitchen setup might not suit your needs. From storing ingredients correctly to keeping everything organized, you could benefit from our storage ideas and systems. Keep reading to discover how to make your kitchen worthy of a professional chef!

Wine Racks

Wine racks will help keep your wine both organized and preserved. As most home chefs know, the taste of wine is affected by how it’s stored. If your wine is left in a room that’s too warm or too sunny, it won’t taste as good as a bottle that was properly stored. We can install a wine storage system anywhere in your home. Whether you enjoy drinking wine, cooking with wine, or both, you’ll appreciate a proper storage system.

wine racks sarasota

Spice Rack

Every cook can appreciate a well-organized and well-stocked spice rack! Keep your spices on-hand and easily accessible with a stylish and convenient spice rack. We have a variety of different options for size, material, and installation location. A spice rack is a must-have addition for many home chefs.

Custom Pantry Storage

If your pantry can’t handle the amount of ingredients you need on-hand, it might be time for an upgrade. The experts at More Space Place can help! Our custom pantries combine various types of storage options to create the perfect pantry for your lifestyle and needs. We can even build and install a new pantry from scratch for your home. View one of our local custom pantry projects here!

custom kitchen pantry more space place sarasota

Open Shelving

Open shelving, either within your pantry or outside of it, will allow you to easily find anything you need. From dry ingredients to kitchen tools that you always have on-hand, open shelving is a convenient storage solution. You can also incorporate this type of shelving into the decor of your kitchen, using colorful dishes or glass jars of spices as decor.

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Custom Storage Solution

With help from the experts at More Space Place, your kitchen will be worthy of a professional chef. Call us today or contact us online to get started on the kitchen of your dreams. You can also view some of our local projects online, or visit us at one of our showrooms in Sarasota, Bradenton, or Port Charlotte!

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