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The holiday season is upon us, and for many children, that means that Santa Claus is on his way. Toys and Christmas tend to go hand-in-hand, so many households find themselves trying to make space for new toys before Christmas morning. Taking the time to declutter your child’s room before the holidays hit can help to free up space, keep their rooms tidy and allow you to donate usable items to another family that may be in need. Here are three tips from More Space Place Sarasota that can help you painlessly declutter your child’s room. 

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Get Rid of Toys That Are Broken or Missing Pieces

The very first place that you want to start as you work to declutter your child’s room before Christmas is to immediately discard any toys, books or games that are broken, missing pieces or are in good enough condition to be donated. It may take time to go through games, but ensuring every toy has all of the pieces is important. 

Donate Items That Are Not Age Appropriate

The next thing that you will want to do as you work to declutter your child’s room before Christmas is to donate items that are not age-appropriate. Your pre-teen may have loved Candy Land when they were in kindergarten, but it may not be anything they use anymore. Taking items that are not age-appropriate and donating them helps you to give to others in the community while also making space for the age-appropriate items your child will be getting this holiday season. 

Ask Your Children What They Do Not Use

The last tip for decluttering old toys, games and books from a child’s room is to simply ask the child what they no longer play with or use. Just like adults, a child’s interests and likes can change. They may have loved one toy last year, but they may no longer be interested in it this year. Simply ask a child if there is anything they want to donate to another child and see what items they offer up on their own. 

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At More Space Place Sarasota, we know how important space and organization are to the flow and feel of your home. A cluttered space can feel cramped and unkept. We offer tips to help you declutter, while also offering space-saving devices to help you deal with the clutter you do have. 

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kids custom closet storage

kids custom closet storageIf you’re a parent, you are probably all too familiar with the constant struggle to keep your child’s bedroom neat and tidy. Between science projects, soccer practice, and the general mess kids can cause, having an organizational system for your child can be helpful for both of you. Here at More Space Place Bradenton, we specialize in creating customized storage solutions for all different lifestyles and home organization needs. Here we’ll explore different closet design options for kids who live life on the go.

Easy Access Storage

One of the main causes of a messy room is something not being put away once it’s done being used. This applies to clothes, toys, sports equipment, and schools supplies. Creating storage systems that allow for easy access can make it easier for your child to put things away, thus preventing things from accumulating on the floor. Incorporating designated closet shelving and drawers for your child’s respective activities can ensure everything always has a place, and that it can be conveniently put away without requiring extra time or effort.

Clothing Storage Within Reach

Another culprit of messes in kids’ rooms is the piling up of clothes. If your child has a hard time reaching the clothes that are hung from the closet rod, they’re less likely to spend time putting them away. Installing hanging rods and some built-in drawers at a low level allows your child to be able to reach everything easily, making grabbing their clothes and putting them away a simple and doable task. You can also include a built-in laundry hamper for dirty laundry. If you’re pressed for closet space, you can create a double-hanging system that allows for two levels of clothing rods stacked on top of each other. Put your child’s frequently accessed clothes on the bottom level, and reserve the upper level for more seasonal items they don’t need every day.

A Place For Everything

Active kids often have a lot of items to store in their bedrooms. Whether they need cubbies for their baseball uniform, shelving for their books, or ample drawers for their Lego collection, supplying your child’s closet with custom storage for their things can help reduce clutter and messes. Making sure everything has a place will make cleanups a breeze for them and reduce headaches for you.

At More Space Place Bradenton, we build all of our custom furniture in our own factories, making a variety of designs possible. We offer many color and finish styles, so the closet components can match your child’s room décor. No space is too small for our design experts. To learn more about custom closet storage for your Bradenton home, contact us today and schedule a free in-home consultation!