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custom craft room storage system

With more time spent at home, you might finally have time to pursue a new hobby or reignite an old one. Do you have the space, though? Limitation in space can really get in the way of developing and keeping your hobbies alive. At More Space Place, we can help you by designing the perfect hobby room or storage system. Keep reading to learn more!

Craft Room Designs

Craft rooms can come in a variety of different styles. Whether you like to sew, paint, or draw, we can help you design a craft room that provides workspace and storage space for all of your essentials. Many crafting hobbies require a dedicated workspace, can be a little messy, and involve many small tools. Having a dedicated and custom-built craft room ensures that you can keep track of all the essentials and have enough space to create.

Garage & Workspaces

For hands-on hobbies and repairs, a garage workshop could be the space you need. We offer an array of different storage essentials, including slat wall storage, adjustable shelving, workbenches, and more. 

Custom Home Library

If you’re an avid reader, you may have dreamed of having your own home library. Your dream library can become a reality with help from our storage experts! Floor-to-ceiling shelving, dividers, and even a built-in reading nook could be yours.

Mudroom Storage Solutions

Outdoor hobbies are a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. However, they can also be messy – tracking mud and grass into your home. Equipment from these hobbies can also take up a lot of space. A well-designed mudroom storage system can provide the storage space you need for sports equipment and more. It also protects the rest of your home from dirt and clutter.

Display Cases

Whether you’re a collector or a creator who enjoys showing your work, a built-in display case could elevate your hobby to the next level. Stylish and personalized, a custom display case from More Space Place will protect your collections and creations while also allowing them to be admired.

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Dedicating time and space to something you love is important, especially in your own home. If there are multiple members of your household, each person having their own hobby room might not work with the space you have – but sharing space often leads to misplaced items, tension, and arguments. At More Space Place, we can help you create a custom craft and hobby room that can be shared, stress-free. Keep reading to learn more!

custom craft room more space place

Custom Storage Areas

We understand that each hobby has unique storage needs. A book collection requires shelves of a specific size, while jewelry-making or crafting can benefit from narrow pull-out drawers with distinct sections. Some hobbies need cabinets and drawers, while others require shelves or cubbies. We can create the right amount of storage for every member of your family, all in the same shared hobby room.

Custom Storage Accessories

Not only will we customize the amount of storage and type of shelving you need, but we can also install numerous storage accessories to make staying organized even easier! Customized storage will help you keep everything in the right place. Consider jewelry drawers, basket inserts, or space left on walls to hang tools. For easy storage of dirty aprons or clothing, we can also install a built-in laundry basket in your craft room. Not only does this provide a convenient place to leave laundry, but it also prevents grime from being spread to other areas of your home. 

custom craft room Space for Everyone

Separate storage areas for each person will ensure that your hobby space stays neat and your items aren’t misplaced or moved. Another important aspect of a shared hobby room is ensuring that each person has enough space to work. If your entire family is forced to use the same table or desk, you can run out of space easily. Our custom storage systems provide an easy solution, with built-in desks, tables, or space left for chairs, standing room, and equipment.

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