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bradenton custom bed to hobby room by jamie kirk

If you’re interested in getting a custom service done by More Space Place Bradenton, you might be wondering: how does this process work? Take a look at this first-hand account from one of our designers, Jamie Kirk, on the process from start to finish. 

The Project:

“A customer in Lakewood Ranch came to me for help turning a bedroom of her recently purchased home into a multi-functional hobby room she could be proud of! She wanted to have a workspace that could also be used for crafts but thought it would be great to have a secondary guest room as well. 

When it came to designing, the customer had some ideas, but not a full vision. I assisted her by discovering that she needed a lot of file storage, display areas, a Queen Bed, and a functional workspace. As for the details, she wanted the room to feel light, and airy, with a hint of modern aesthetic.

floor view of bradenton custom bedroom to hobby room designed by jamie kirk
Full room view

The design that we finalized, as pictured, fits her room perfectly! At about 12 x 15, we had a lot of great space to work with, though a design like this can be scaled down to a room as small as 10 x 10. In this rendition, we put Large File Drawers with a Custom Window Seat, for which the customer stated she will make a cushion herself. 

To create a beautiful Display area, we created a wall-to-wall Custom Hutch on either side of the Murphy bed with Trim Atop. This creates a very clean, bright, and functional-looking unit without using glass or lights. These units match the height of the bed while being more shallow than the bed and Countertop below. This, therefore, adds dimension to the shelves above and seamlessly ties in the workstation.

bradenton custom bed to hobby room by jamie kirk
Details with Murphy bed in-wall and seamless cabinets

The Materials used include:

  • Custom “Hebron White” Crescent Edge Formica Countertops
  • White Chocolate 5 Piece Shaker Doors, Drawers, & Trim
  • White Melamine Cabinetry
  • Brushed Nickel Metal Pulls “7227”

A configuration like this can be customized in many different ways, based on the customer’s needs. In every case, I try to discover my customer’s primary needs for the space in terms of usage, storage, and aesthetics.” 

Contact Us:

Thank you very much to our designer Jamie and our lovely team for completing this project!

If you liked this post and you’re interested in a custom design project, contact your local More Space Place in Sarasota, and Bradenton to speak to a designer about creating a storage system that best suits your needs today! We’ll start by providing you with a free in-home consultation where you can talk through your storage needs with one of our experts.

custom craft room
custom craft room storage system

With more time spent at home, you might finally have time to pursue a new hobby or reignite an old one. Do you have the space, though? Limitation in space can really get in the way of developing and keeping your hobbies alive. At More Space Place, we can help you by designing the perfect hobby room or storage system. Keep reading to learn more!

Craft Room Designs

Craft rooms can come in a variety of different styles. Whether you like to sew, paint, or draw, we can help you design a craft room that provides workspace and storage space for all of your essentials. Many crafting hobbies require a dedicated workspace, can be a little messy, and involve many small tools. Having a dedicated and custom-built craft room ensures that you can keep track of all the essentials and have enough space to create.

Garage & Workspaces

For hands-on hobbies and repairs, a garage workshop could be the space you need. We offer an array of different storage essentials, including slat wall storage, adjustable shelving, workbenches, and more. 

Custom Home Library

If you’re an avid reader, you may have dreamed of having your own home library. Your dream library can become a reality with help from our storage experts! Floor-to-ceiling shelving, dividers, and even a built-in reading nook could be yours.

Mudroom Storage Solutions

Outdoor hobbies are a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. However, they can also be messy – tracking mud and grass into your home. Equipment from these hobbies can also take up a lot of space. A well-designed mudroom storage system can provide the storage space you need for sports equipment and more. It also protects the rest of your home from dirt and clutter.

Display Cases

Whether you’re a collector or a creator who enjoys showing your work, a built-in display case could elevate your hobby to the next level. Stylish and personalized, a custom display case from More Space Place will protect your collections and creations while also allowing them to be admired.

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open murphy bed Sarasota

A guest bedroom is a great addition to any home, particularly with the holidays approaching. However, completely allocating an entire room to potential guests may feel like a misuse of space. At More Space Place Sarasota, we want you to get the most out of your spare room. Keep reading to discover our favorite uses for multi-functional guest bedrooms.

home office closet and wall bedsHome Office

Having an office in your Sarasota home is a great way to separate your work life from home relaxation. You can set up your office to reflect your style, allowing you to enjoy the space while working as efficiently and effectively as possible. At More Space Place, we can install custom home office furniture that will combine a desk and a Murphy bed. When guests come, your office can transform into a bedroom and you’ll maximize space in your home.


If you love reading, but don’t have space to dedicate an entire room to books, then a multifunctional library is a great decision. Your Murphy bed can be accompanied by a set of shelves. Fill the bookshelves up and add a comfortable chair and your library is complete.

Home Gymexercising home gym

Finding time to go to the gym can be difficult. Make it a little bit simpler: convert your guest bedroom into a home gym! A Murphy bed will give you space for a treadmill and your yoga mat. Getting into an exercise routine will be easy with a home gym.

Craft Room

Do you love arts and crafts but lack space to store fabric, paints, and thread? Add custom shelving to your spare room, so all of your supplies can be properly stored. As your collection of craft supplies grows, you can install a Murphy bed to provide even more shelving and space! Your spare room is now a great multifunctional crafts room.

playroom murphy bedPlayroom

Between having access to toys and an area that can always be turned into a makeshift fort, every child has dreamed of having their own playroom. A playroom will make your children happy and reduce the amount of toys left stranded throughout the house, a true win-win situation. With the installation of a Murphy bed, the playroom will be great for sleepovers and guests.

Find Your Custom Storage Solution Today!

With some creativity, your guest bedroom can be the perfect multi-functional space in your home. To start using your spare room, call More Space Place today. Our expert designers will help you create the perfect multi-functional room.

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custom craft room storage - Sarasota, FL

custom craft room storage - Sarasota, FLYour craft room should be a space that allows you to feel unbridled creativity and artistic freedom. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to craft rooms becoming a space for clutter and constant disorganization, which can end up distracting you from your work and projects. Ideally, you’ll find a way to maintain a space that’s not too “sterile” and still inspires. However, you should also strive to keep your supplies organized so they stay in good condition and always right at your fingertips. Custom craft room storage solutions can help.

Here are five craft room storage and organization tips from More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte that can help you make the most of your space and take your creativity to new levels:

1. Abundant Shallow Shelving

Shelving that does not protrude too much from the wall but has plenty of space for your art supplies can help maximize smaller craft rooms. Shelves or cubby style spaces in varying sizes ensure there will be a place for all of your tools.

2. Wall Hanging Areas

Pegboard hanging systems provide easy access to your essentials while keeping them out of the way when not in use. Creative use of towel or curtain rods offers an innovative way to store rolls of cord or ribbon and other supplies you may not use daily but still need to have within reach.

3. Covered Bins

Stackable storage bins with lids offer numerous options for maximizing your craft room storage. Clear bins allow you to see their contents for easy selection. You can place these bins on existing shelving, or store them in room corners or along the wall. Maximize vertical space by stacking bins all the way to the ceiling.

4. Craft Room Cabinetry

Custom storage cabinets for your craft room allow you to hide away all your most clutter-prone materials to maintain a tidy space. Inside the cabinets, you can customize your shelving configuration in a way that makes sense for the materials you have. Better yet, opt for adjustable shelving so you can change the layout as your craft storage needs evolve.

5. Drawer and Bin Dividers

Many crafting materials and supplies are quite small. This makes effective use of drawer and shelving dividers an important part of your storage solution, as they allow you to keep track of these small items. Dividers come in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to customize each area in the perfect ways to suit your specific materials.

Customized craft room storage and organization can make all the difference for your projects both big and small. Having your tools and supplies within easy reach while maintaining an organized space is essential to maximizing the function and enjoyment of your space. Customizing a craft room leads to a less distracting atmosphere that will streamline your projects and allow your creativity to soar. Contact More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte today to schedule a free in-home consultation!