Do you have a teenager at home? If so, you are probably still wondering what happened to the little kid who used to run around your home. Now, they don’t speak to you, they make bad decisions, and their room is a total mess. Fortunately, you can deal with one of these issues relatively easily. How can you create more storage space in your teenager’s bedroom? Here are a few pointers from the professionals at More Space Place Sarasota.

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Add More Shelves in the Closet

One of the reasons why your teenager might not be hanging up his or her clothes in the closet is that there is not enough space. Teenagers grow quickly. Therefore, they have a surprising amount of clothing. If you want to put the clothes away, you need to create more storage space in the closet by adding a few extra shelves. There are plenty of wire shelves that are not that expensive. Consider adding more of these in the closet to approve the organization situation. If you incentivize your teenager to hang up his or her clothes in the closet, you can reduce the clutter.

Loft the Bed

Another way you can create more storage space is to put the bed on some risers. If you lock the bed up off the ground, you can put a few boxes underneath the bed. You can even put a few wheels on them to make them easier to roll in and out. This is another great way for you to create more storage space in the bedroom of your teenager. Consider putting items in these boxes if you do not need them in the near future.

Add Floating Shelves in the Bedroom

Finally, you may want to consider adding a few floating shelves in the bedroom as well. These shelves come in all shapes and sizes, and you can customize them to meet your needs. Make sure you invest in screws that are strong enough to support the shelf. That way, you can even support heavy items such as large textbooks! If you need help finding the right shelves for your teenager’s bedroom, we can help you!

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Call the Team at More Space Place Sarasota for Help

Finally, if you still have questions about how you can improve the organization situation in the bedroom of your teenager, rely on the team from More Space Place Sarasota for help. We have the tools and equipment necessary to help you create a clean bedroom and home. Do not get frustrated by the appearance of that teenage room! Contact us today!

Most of us have, at some point, thought to ourselves: I don’t have enough space! Whether you feel that way about your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or entire home, the thought has probably crossed your mind more than once. At More Space Place Sarasota, we’re experts at creating storage solutions for every aspect of life. Below, we’ve compiled our favorite ideas for dealing with cramped closets, tiny pantries, too-small bedrooms, and more.


Cramped Closets

With our help, you won’t need a walk-in closet to feel like you have plenty of space. With small closets, having the right storage for every item is crucial – from shoes, pants, jewelry, and more. We have custom closet accessories for all of those, and more! Your closet might also benefit from custom hanging rods, built-in laundry hampers, and custom shelving.

Tiny Pantry

Your pantry might be running out of room, especially if you live in a multi-person household. To keep your pantry from feeling cluttered, good organization is important. We can help you do that with custom cabinets, spice racks, baskets, pull-out drawers, and adjustable shelves.

Chaotic Garage

Your garage can become a catch-all for all the items you don’t have any other place for. That’s a recipe for chaos and clutter! To make your garage feel bigger, get started on sorting through the items you have stored there. You’ll probably find that you can simply get rid of most of them. For the rest, we can help you design a custom storage solution with cabinets, a workbench, and shelving. For a smaller garage, wall-mounted shelves are a great choice!

Small Spare Bedrooms

If you struggle with spare bedrooms feeling too small, a Murphy bed could be an excellent solution. Our Murphy beds easily fold up and come in a variety of designs. You can even transform guests bedrooms into a home office or den when not in use! 

Contact More Space Place Today!

Make the most of your home with a custom storage solution by More Space Place Sarasota! We’ll help you create a custom storage solution for every aspect of life. Give us a call today or get in touch online!

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You’ve probably heard the term Feng Shui before. This ancient Chinese practices of optimizing the chi, or energy flow of a space, has been used for centuries. Good Feng Shui is believed to improve health and positive energy – and after you try out these essential tips, you’ll believe it, too!

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Color Choices

Neutral and peaceful color palettes work well for creating great Feng Shui. Consider light colors such as cream, beige, and tan. Soothing blues and greens are also great choices. Avoid high-energy colors such as red and orange. Highly saturated colors also aren’t ideal – they put a strain on your eyes and your mind.

Think About Lighting

The lighting of your bedroom affects mood more than you realize. We recommend taking advantage of natural lighting as much as possible. Don’t block windows off with furniture, and use sheer, gauzy curtains. Natural lighting is less harsh than most artificial lights and will help you stay in sync with the outside world. When choosing lamps and lights, opt for ones that cast a warmer glow and can be dimmed. 

Furniture Placement

There’s an optimal layout for your bedroom furniture that will improve its Feng Shui. Symmetry is important, so consider placing your bed in the center of the room with two matching nightstands. Artwork arranged symmetrically is also beneficial to the energy flow of your bedroom. One important factor to take into account is that your bed should not be placed in the direct line of a door or window. 

Cut Clutter

With clothes on the floor and miscellaneous items scattered on cabinets, it’s hard to find that elusive sense of peace and tranquility. Clear your bedroom of items that don’t belong there and make sure everything has a place. 

Create The Perfect Bedroom Storage System

That’s where More Space Place comes in! We’ll help you design a custom storage solution that ensures all of your items are stored neatly and appropriately. A well-organized bedroom will improve energy and peaceful ambiance. To get started on a custom storage system, contact More Space Place today! You can also stop by to visit one of our showrooms in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte.