How to Create a Multifunctional Living Room

custom entertainment center in sarasota, flIn many Sarasota homes the living room isn’t just a living room. It’s a place to gather with friends and watch a Sunday football game, or an oasis to recharge and read a good book on a Wednesday night. On other days it may serve as the social center of a dinner party, or even function as a children’s playroom. The best living rooms are ones that are transitional. They aren’t devoted entirely to TV watching, nor are they purely meant to host social gatherings. The key to creating a multipurpose living room is to design it with your needs in mind and choose furniture that encourages flexibility. We suggest designing an entertainment center that fits your needs and choosing varied seating options.

Custom Home Entertainment Center

Although it’s easy to settle for buying a ready-to-install home entertainment center, this is a common trap homeowners fall into during the living room decoration process. Often times picking a stock entertainment center turns a living room into a modest home theater. The TV quickly becomes the point of focus in the space and the entertainment center only serves to house a television. In order to create a living room for more than just watching movies or sports, homeowners can work with a designer to create a custom entertainment center that also focuses on their storage needs.

The combination of visible and nonvisible storage in a customizable entertainment center allows homeowners to hide electronics, like game controllers and various cords, when they’re not is use. Visible storage offers an opportunity to decorate. Homeowners can keep books in open shelves, as well as photographs and other memorabilia, all of which communicate to living room occupants the room is for more than just television. Custom media centers can span entire walls to maximize storage and decorating options, something non-custom entertainment centers don’t offer.

Varied Seating Options

Another key component of designing a transitional living room is providing a multitude of seating options. A sectional couch that includes a chaise at one end is a great option, because it allows occupants to either sit up or lie back when watching television, and also provides more seating space when guests arrive. Homeowners should also keep in mind their floor is a seating option as well. Small children may prefer to play on the floor, just as some individuals would rather watch a movie lying on the floor with a blanket rather than sitting on a couch. It’s worth investing in a comfortable rug if your living room isn’t carpeted. An ottoman is another great seating option, especially for dinner parties, because it can function as additional seating or as a platform for appetizers.

More Space Place offers a wide variety of custom-built entertainment centers. They’re designed to compliment the space they’re in, as well as to maximize both functionality and visual appeal by hiding wires and other electronics. We proudly serve the greater Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte areas and we look forward to helping you create the living room of your dreams!