Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers from More Space Place offer the ultimate in style, functionality and flexibility. Our designers will work with you to create a media center designed around your room, your television and the components that make up your entertainment system. 

media centers home

There’s no need to splurge on a big budget renovation to get the kind of entertainment room your family will love. A well thought out entertainment center created by one of our design professionals can meet all your needs and requirements without breaking the bank. Media centers can be designed in a large variety of finishes and styles while ensuring it matches the décor and aesthetic of your living space, including decorative moldings and hardware that ensure your furniture has that built-in look rather than a freestanding piece.

built-in media room

More Space Place also offers those extra details and accessories for your entertainment center that can really make it a one of a kind, like custom lighting options and even a mini fridge can be installed for easy access to drinks and snacks for kids and unexpected guests. Visit our Austin or San Antonio showrooms to get a closer look and speak with a designer to see what’s possible.

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