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A Closet in Your Home Office: Do You Need It?

Are you looking for a way to create more storage space in your home office? If so, you may be thinking about taking advantage of a closet. In general, people place their home office in two separate areas. You may have a formal office on the first floor that you use. If not, you may […]

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The Top Tips for Using Shelves for Storage

If you are trying to pick shelving for a specific room in your home, you may be wondering where to start. After all, there are lots of options available. Therefore, you need to think carefully about how you are going to find the best shelves to meet your needs. What are a few important questions […]

Customize Your Home Office Storage with These Tips

If you will be working from home for this foreseeable future, you need to make sure your home office is a conducive working environment. The longer you work in your home office, the more stuff you are going to accumulate. Therefore, you have to make sure you have plenty of storage in your home office. […]

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Organizing Your Garage This Summer

Now that it’s officially summer it’s time to get serious about following through with your summer project plans. Whether those projects consist of cleaning out your closets, reorganizing your pantry, or cleaning up your computer’s hard drive, you’ll feel much better once they’re done. If you aren’t sure what project to take on this summer, […]

Pots and Pans: The Tricks To Proper Storage

If you are trying to maximize the amount of space in your kitchen, you know that pots and pans can be significant obstacles. They are large, awkwardly shaped, and heavy. As a result, they can be difficult to store. Fortunately, you can follow a few simple tricks from More Space Place Sarasota/Bradenton/Port Charlotte if you […]

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Make More Space For Activities This Summer

Summer vacation is in full swing and we want to take advantage of all the fun in the sun! While we may spend the majority of our day outside, somehow the insides of our homes quickly become cluttered with gear, games, and laundry. In order to make the most of your summer, consider some of […]

Keep Your Kitchen Pantry Pleasantly Packed

Kitchen pantry organization comes in handy when it comes time to start cooking and you’re looking around your kitchen pantry for the right ingredients. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to find where you put the oregano or arguing with your family about where they last saw the flour, it could be time to […]

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Here Comes the Sun: Season-Switching Storage Solutions

As sunny days and eased restrictions on gathering with friends and family to engage in outdoor activities approach, changing seasons provide an ideal opportunity to declutter and organize your spare room, garage, or storage shed. More Space Place Sarasota has expert ready to help you keep your spaces organized! Despite having garages, basements, and attics […]

4 Places To Install Custom Storage In Your Home

Here in the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte areas, having an orderly home can go a long way in contributing to an overall sense of calm and organization in one’s life. At More Space Place Sarasota, we specialize in creating customized solutions for home storage problems. There are many areas of the home that can […]


Revamp a Bedroom With Innovative Storage Solutions

The bedroom tends to be one of the spaces in a home where the occupant spends the most time, and it is also the place where individuals need to store the most items. Whether it’s clothes or other personal belongings, having the right amount of storage can help the space look more inviting and less […]

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