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Smart Home Office Ideas & Upgrades

Does your home office feel like it lacks something, but you’re not sure where to start on improving it? Look no further! These smart home office upgrades can give your home office the refresh it needs.  Cabinetry Lighting Upgrading your home office storage with in-cabinet lighting is a smart way to make office storage more […]


Modern Murphy Bed Ideas for Your Home

At More Space Place, we have a variety of modern and contemporary Murphy and wall bed options. With smart design choices and high-tech manufacturing, our beds provide style, extra space, and comfort to your home. Keep reading to discover a few of our modern Murphy bed options and ideas. Sleek Cabinetry Combined With Comfort Our […]

Is a Murphy Bed Right for You?

Murphy beds are a modern and practical solution to many home storage and space concerns. Could a Murphy bed be the right fit for you and your home? Keep reading to find out! A Murphy bed could be the perfect fit if you… Need to Transform a Spare Room into a Guest Suite It can […]

murphy beds in sarasota

Entertainment System Upgrades to Consider

Looking to enhance your home entertainment experience? The team at More Space Place can help! To make your entertainment room the envy of friends and family, consider these upgrades.  Trade a Store-Bought Entertainment Center for a Custom System A custom-designed entertainment system offers many advantages over store-bought and pre-made varieties. A custom system gives you […]

Traditional or Modern: What Closet Style Works for You?

At More Space Place, we have a variety of options for custom closet design. In this article, we want to put a spotlight on two of our most popular styles: traditional and modern! Which style works best for you? Keep reading to find out. Go for a modern closet style if… You live in a […]


The Best Type of Storage for Your Home

When designing a custom storage solution for your home, there are a variety of options to try out. Want to learn more about our various options and what might be the best fit for your needs? Look no further! Shelving Shelving is a tried-and-true solution for a variety of storage woes. If you’re the type […]

How to Downsize Effectively

Are you looking to downsize your home? From cutting costs to kids leaving the nest, there are tons of practical reasons to trade your home for something smaller. However, many people face storage and space concerns when moving. The storage experts at More Space Place can help! Keeping ready for our guide to downsizing. Declutter […]


Storage Ideas for Awkward Spaces

From cramped basements to steeply angled attic roofs, it can be difficult to make use of awkward spaces in your home. For these parts of your home, a custom solution might be needed! The More Space Place team is here to help. Keep reading to discover a few of our favorite tips and tricks for […]

How a Murphy Bed Can Add Functionality to Your Home Office

You might be surprised to learn how a Murphy bed fits within home office design – but these two are actually a perfect pair! At More Space Place, we help homeowners across Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte by creating functional and customized home office designs. Keep reading to learn how Murphy beds and home offices […]

custom home office with murphy bed

Organization Ideas for Your Home Office

Struggling with a home office in disarray? We can help! At More Space Place, we work with homeowners across Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte to create custom storage solutions for all aspects of life at home. This includes custom home offices! Keep reading to discover tips and tricks for keeping your home office organized. Create […]

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