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Here Comes the Sun: Season-Switching Storage Solutions

As sunny days and eased restrictions on gathering with friends and family to engage in outdoor activities approach, changing seasons provide an ideal opportunity to declutter and organize your spare room, garage, or storage shed. More Space Place Sarasota has expert ready to help you keep your spaces organized! Despite having garages, basements, and attics […]


Revamp a Bedroom With Innovative Storage Solutions

The bedroom tends to be one of the spaces in a home where the occupant spends the most time, and it is also the place where individuals need to store the most items. Whether it’s clothes or other personal belongings, having the right amount of storage can help the space look more inviting and less […]

Reimagine & Redesign Small Closet Spaces

Closet organization can be a massive headache, especially if it’s a small, limited space. It might seem impossible to have proper visibility and easy access. Well fret no longer! More Space Place Sarasota is here for you. Reach out for a custom closet design consultation to make the smallest of closets feel spacious.  Declutter & […]

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4 Reasons a Murphy Bed Deserves to Be In Your Home

Here at More Space Place Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte, Murphy beds are our business, but don’t think that that makes us biased! We’re true believers in the space-saving and life-improving qualities that come with installing a Murphy bed in your home. From more space to more time, you’ll never regret the decision to install […]

Create Dual Functioning Rooms With a Murphy Wall Bed

Wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, are an excellent inclusion to any home that wants to save space while establishing a dual functioning room. There are many wall bed styles ranging from contemporary to traditional, and they can become nearly invisible or serve as additional storage depending on the design. Here are some ideas […]

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Showcasing Sentimental Items & Collectibles

From sentimental items that rekindle good memories to hobby collectors, proper storage is essential. The right storage system will keep these items undamaged, decluttered, and help you proudly display them. Here are a few of the ways we can help you display your collections in a way that honors them. Custom Home Library Celebrate your […]

Common Closet Woes & How to Fix Them

Your closet organization woes can come from a variety of storage issues spanning more than just space. When creating a custom solution that works for you, we dive into what type and style of storage works best for your lifestyle. Keep reading to discover solutions to common closet woes. Accessory Storage Issues Accessories are unique […]


Smart Home Office Ideas & Upgrades

Does your home office feel like it lacks something, but you’re not sure where to start on improving it? Look no further! These smart home office upgrades can give your home office the refresh it needs.  Cabinetry Lighting Upgrading your home office storage with in-cabinet lighting is a smart way to make office storage more […]

Modern Murphy Bed Ideas for Your Home

At More Space Place, we have a variety of modern and contemporary Murphy and wall bed options. With smart design choices and high-tech manufacturing, our beds provide style, extra space, and comfort to your home. Keep reading to discover a few of our modern Murphy bed options and ideas. Sleek Cabinetry Combined With Comfort Our […]

murphy beds in sarasota

Is a Murphy Bed Right for You?

Murphy beds are a modern and practical solution to many home storage and space concerns. Could a Murphy bed be the right fit for you and your home? Keep reading to find out! A Murphy bed could be the perfect fit if you… Need to Transform a Spare Room into a Guest Suite It can […]

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