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Creating A Breakfast Station 

Whether you are someone who likes to get up early or someone who likes to sleep in, it’s important to have a kitchen you can feel comfortable in. The setup of your kitchen should accommodate your needs so that you can maximize the space and minimize the feeling of being stressed when you can’t find what you need. Read on to find out More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton’s tips for organizing a breakfast nook and coffee station. 

Sturdy Shelving:

To properly begin organizing your space, it’s important to consider what your morning routine looks like and how your organization can best accommodate it. For example, do you like your morning coffee with syrups and flavors? Maybe you like having honey or sugar in your tea? Either way, you might be worried that heavy cans and containers will cause your thin flimsy shelves to sag and at worst, break and fall down. Luckily, our custom pantry shelves are thick and anchored to the wall for maximum safety. By working with a local company like More Space Place Sarasota, you can ensure that your units will be built and cut specifically for your home. We use durable materials in all of our projects and we even offer a lifetime warranty!

pantry shelves

Similar item Storage:

One of the best ways to organize your breakfast area is to place similar items next to each other in the pantry itself. This might seem like a simple solution but you could be surprised with how much time you save in the morning by grouping your items by use or step in your routine. For example, if you start with coffee or tea, have your mugs, syrup, and some extra spoons close to your coffee machine or hot water kettle. For toasts and other snacks put those close to your plates near to the beverage station so you can grab and go if you need to. 

shelf coffee and sugar bowl

Work with the experts:

Choose More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte for all your built-in storage needs including a customized pantry system. Our Staff is here to provide you with a FREE no-obligation design consultation, quotation, and 3-D design drawing of your project. Call or stop by our showroom today! 

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