Is a Standing-Level Desk Right for You?

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At More Space Place, we stay up to date on the latest trends in custom home offices. That way, we can best tailor our designs to any customer’s needs. Many of our Sarasota customers have expressed interest in standing desks. They wonder if the benefits they’ve heard are really true. It turns out standing desks do have many benefits, so long as they are used in moderation.

The Benefits

Standing desks help fight a sedimentary lifestyle. It is a common belief that it’s difficult to get the exercise you need when you spend so much time working. However, you can burn more calories by standing up at work rather than sitting. One University of Chester study found that standing at your desk for three hours could burn 170 calories. Do that every day, and it becomes almost 1,000 per week!

Working at a standing-level desk is linked to lower blood sugar levels and may lower your risk of heart disease. Alternating between sitting and standing during the day can help stop spikes in blood sugar that increase your risk of type-2 diabetes. They are an excellent option for the health-conscious consumer.

Many proponents of standing desks cite improvements in their back or neck pain, a common reason people try standing desks. Going with a custom home office can remedy many of these effects as we take into consideration your individual ergonomic needs, in addition to using a standing-level desk.

An Important Caveat

Despite the many benefits of standing, spending the day on your feet increases risk factors for spine compression, which can lead to future back problems. It also puts you at risk for cardiovascular problems, as your heart has to work harder to pump blood when you’re standing, including carotid arteries, deep vein thrombosis, and varicose veins. Standing can increase fatigue and lead to a drop in productivity and energy after work.

Standing in Moderation

The reasons stated above are why many experts suggest alternating between standing and sitting while at work, which increases physical activity throughout the day while minimizing the downfalls of a both sitting and standing.

Sitting is good sometimes, but standing up every once in a while to enjoy our beautiful gulf breeze can have many health benefits as well!

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