Murphy beds are beds that are stored vertically inside a cabinet, folding down for use when needed. Originally invented for the urban cities of the North in the early 1900’s, the space-saving features of Murphy beds have led to their rediscovery in the last decade, especially when combined with coordinating cabinetry to form complete Murphy bed systems. Generically they are referred to as wall beds.

The Murphy bed is a tried and true space saver. The spring loaded mechanism allows for easy single-handed operation and features a support leg that extends and retracts automatically. The Murphy bed’s vertical storage mattress is supported by a foundation or wooden slats designed to provide additional support for the mattress.

The panel bed maximizes space and offers sleek, clutter-free styling. These beds feature panel doors that drop down with the bed and “disappear” under the mattress, allowing easy access to optional bedside cabinets. The panel bed features a spring loaded mechanism with steel casing. Both can be custom designed in thousands of style and finish combinations.

Not quite, although the concept hasn’t changed. Today’s Murphy beds have been improved both for comfort and ease of use.

Absolutely, unlike sofa beds and futons, Murphy beds do not require any folding of the mattress. Therefore you are sleeping on a quality mattress without bars and lumps often associated with sofa beds or futons. We’ve had customers tell us their Murphy bed is more comfortable than their “every night” bed!

Not at all! Most people are surprised at how little effort is required. Both our Murphy bed and Panel bed mechanisms are spring-balanced for easy operation.

It depends on the exact model, but we have models that accommodate all of the traditional bed sizes, including Twin, Twin Long, Full, Queen, and even King size.

No, our beds use standard size mattresses; all of your existing sheets and linens should work just fine.

In some cases this is possible, but generally not recommended. We have found from experience that regular mattresses are not capable of being stored in an upright position for any length of time. The “stuffing” all tends to fall to the bottom, and the edge-banding wire is not strong enough to support the weight of the mattress standing on end. Our line of Serta mattresses are specially designed and warrantied for vertical storage. They are the correct depth to fit in the cabinet, and are the correct weight for optimum counter-balancing of the mechanism.

Our modular cabinetry system is available in everything from sturdy laminates and thermofoils to custom solid hardwoods, in a variety of styles and finishes.

While some of our products are available on shorter notice, our typical lead-time from order to installation is 6-8 weeks for our laminate line and 8-10 weeks for some of our wood options. Please keep this in mind as you plan your Murphy bed purchase and delivery date.

A typical Murphy bed installation takes approximately 6 hours to complete, somewhat longer if additional cabinets are included and for our home office systems. We have the best installers in the business, and they do most assembly work on site. The Murphy bed frame is bolted either into the floor or the base plate of the wall and all cabinetry is squared up and held in place, attaching to existing studs. The panel bed frame attaches to the cabinet and the cabinet is attached to existing studs. We do not recommend customers attempting to install units themselves, as there can be hundreds of parts and improper assembly or installation could result in a poorly functioning system.

Sure. It will require un-installation and re-installation and wall damage is typically very minimal. With plenty of advance notice, our expert installation team is available to perform this service. The cost is variable based on the exact requirements of the situation. If you would like a quote on moving one of our beds, please see the Uninstall/Reinstall Form. That being said, many of our customers have found that selling their Murphy bed with the house enhances their home’s “salability”. Often times, these customers visit us again to purchase a Murphy bed or panel bed for their new home.