Reimagine & Redesign Small Closet Spaces

Closet organization can be a massive headache, especially if it’s a small, limited space. It might seem impossible to have proper visibility and easy access. Well fret no longer! More Space Place Sarasota is here for you. Reach out for a custom closet design consultation to make the smallest of closets feel spacious. 

Declutter & Deconstruct

Let’s get down to it. To start, it’s important to begin with a clean slate and empty your closet. While you are doing this, categorize your belongings. This will help you to identify any clothes that you want to get rid of or donate and give you a good idea on how best to reorganize your closet. Once everything is removed, go through each group and assess if it’s worth holding on to. If you don’t wear it often or there’s a lot of wear and tear, it may be time to say goodbye. Over time, random items and boxes always end up creeping into your closet. If that is the case, try finding another place in the house so you can maximize your closet space. 

Blueprint & Organize

Be thoughtful about the spatial layout of your closet and pinpoint where you could maximize space. A good place to start is how to utilize vertical space and what for. Additional vertical shelving could be for anything you may have more of (i.e. non-hangable clothes or shoes). Closets often have an upper shelf that leaves a gap between what is stored on it and the ceiling. Putting in another shelf to divide the space or using taller, see-through bins to stow lesser-used items would be useful. If possible, the closet door can be bonus space, with the help of rod and hanging storage, for shoes, scarves, or ties.

Organization & Storage Staples

It’s a good idea to be mindful of how many organizational tools and structures you implement. Too much can have the reverse effect of your original intention, so being thoughtful about what’s truly needed to improve your closet space is crucial.

Baskets and bins are great for storing seasonal items up-top or down below. Take note of what you’re using them for and if something more transparent would be useful to avoid excess digging around. Hangers are handy because of their various shapes. Non-traditional hanger options to help maximize space include s-shaped, open end, and tiered. Rods are especially useful if you can use your closet door for storage. They can be installed as extra storage for high heels as well as scarves, ties, and even necklaces.

Dividers create structure for stacking clothing and provide better visibility.  Vertical dividers can be used on a top shelf for extra clothes. Drawer dividers are wonderful to separate smaller clothing items like socks and ties.

Reach Out to the Experts!

Ready to tackle the new year with a fresh space? Your local experts at More Space Place Sarasota can help you reimagine your closet to fit your space as well as your needs.  Schedule a free in-home design consultation today!