How Can You Create More Storage Space in Your Teen’s Bedroom?

Do you have a teenager at home? If so, you are probably still wondering what happened to the little kid who used to run around your home. Now, they don’t speak to you, they make bad decisions, and their room is a total mess. Fortunately, you can deal with one of these issues relatively easily. How can you create more storage space in your teenager’s bedroom? Here are a few pointers from the professionals at More Space Place Sarasota.

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Add More Shelves in the Closet

One of the reasons why your teenager might not be hanging up his or her clothes in the closet is that there is not enough space. Teenagers grow quickly. Therefore, they have a surprising amount of clothing. If you want to put the clothes away, you need to create more storage space in the closet by adding a few extra shelves. There are plenty of wire shelves that are not that expensive. Consider adding more of these in the closet to approve the organization situation. If you incentivize your teenager to hang up his or her clothes in the closet, you can reduce the clutter.

Loft the Bed

Another way you can create more storage space is to put the bed on some risers. If you lock the bed up off the ground, you can put a few boxes underneath the bed. You can even put a few wheels on them to make them easier to roll in and out. This is another great way for you to create more storage space in the bedroom of your teenager. Consider putting items in these boxes if you do not need them in the near future.

Add Floating Shelves in the Bedroom

Finally, you may want to consider adding a few floating shelves in the bedroom as well. These shelves come in all shapes and sizes, and you can customize them to meet your needs. Make sure you invest in screws that are strong enough to support the shelf. That way, you can even support heavy items such as large textbooks! If you need help finding the right shelves for your teenager’s bedroom, we can help you!

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Call the Team at More Space Place Sarasota for Help

Finally, if you still have questions about how you can improve the organization situation in the bedroom of your teenager, rely on the team from More Space Place Sarasota for help. We have the tools and equipment necessary to help you create a clean bedroom and home. Do not get frustrated by the appearance of that teenage room! Contact us today!