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Garage organization

Garage organization

Garages are often used as dumping grounds when they could be a very usable space that saves you money and hassle. For starters, go through at least twice a year and weed out things you don’t need or use. Secondly, get everything OFF THE FLOOR. Install cabinets and a workbench for garage items to have dedicated space. This will allow you to park your car in the garage – saving your paint and keeping you more comfortable when you go out.


Planning For A Murphy Bed

Planning For A Murphy Bed

Before you can add a Murphy bed, you should know a few things. This blog post will go into detail about how you can best prepare for Murphy beds, how to pick the best bed for you, and more! 

Things To Consider:

Wall space:

The biggest thing to know with Murphy beds is that you’ll need to add a foot or two of thickness onto a wall to accommodate the fold-up mattress and housing mechanism. So the first thing to plan is where that extra foot or two will come from. The housing mechanism can include side cabinets, a desk, or bookcases, depending on what model you choose. This means you don’t have to worry about lost wall space since you’ll be gaining storage space! 

You’ll also want to plan for a space about 5 to 6 feet out from the wall for when you pull the bed down. However don’t worry about having too much space around the bed in the room when it’s pulled down, since you can easily put it up again during the day and use the entirety of the room! 

Purpose & Comfort:

After you’ve considered where you want your Murphy bed to go and accounted for its size, you’re going to want to consider the purpose of your Murphy bed. Is it going to be a guest room and home office, or a TV room, playroom, or yoga space? Depending on what you want your Murphy bed for, it’s important to pick the right model for you. Our available model brochure can give you an overview of each of our products, with photos and dimensions. 

murphy bed new

If you’re worried about comfort, our Serta® mattresses are also specifically designed for vertical storage and manufactured for More Space Place. Options range from firm, plush euro-top, to cool action™ gel memory foam. Murphy mattresses are typically much more comfortable than pull-out sofas because they don’t have a folding bar in the middle. We recommend stopping by our showroom so you can try the Murphy beds and find one that best will suit your needs.

If you’re ready to start looking for a Murphy bed don’t hesitate to call or contact us today! 

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How to Organize A Home Office

new home office

Whether you’re using your home office to work from home or for personal business, getting it clean and organized can make your time there more productive and pleasant. To help you get your home office under control, we’ve created a plan of action. Read below to find out how More Space Place Sarasota/Bradenton can help you get organized and maximize your space. 

Assess the space

Before you can get started with decluttering and sorting what you have it’s important to divide up the space. If you organize the space in small chunks, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed and burnt out. You can divide your space in a multitude of ways. One way is to divide your space into walls. Depending on how much stuff you have, every day, tackle one side/wall of the office until the space is complete. You can also divide your space by storage items. For example day 1 for the desk, day 2 for the cabinetry, etc. No matter what way you decide, always start organizing with a plan in mind. 

Take out the bulk:

Unlike organizing a closet, decluttering a home office may be easier since the bulk of items will probably be old paperwork you either need to file or throw away. But if you create piles for your items and they start to grow bigger, you can overwhelm the space and feel claustrophobic as a result. This can lead to your decluttering taking up much more time (and space!) than it needs to! 

In order to counteract this, we recommend labeling your piles and keeping each pile in a cardboard box or bin. By keeping them in individual spaces you’re less likely to spread out your items and cause more clutter. Then once you have a good amount of items in your boxes/bins, physically remove the bins from the room so you have space to move again. 

Use organization tools

After you have decided what you want to keep, donate, and throw away/shred, it’s time to organize! In order to prevent this clutter from building up again, it’s smart to invest in a few organization tools that will best benefit your space. For example, if you are someone who uses a lot of writing utensils in your office, consider installing wall-mounted cups in front of your desk. If you like having piles and need to keep paperwork handy, you can opt for labeled open-top baskets, or file folders/drawers if you want to stay extra organized! 

filing drawers / cabinet

Explore custom storage solutions

If you’re struggling with your current office setup, you might want to explore a custom home office build. Our high-quality home office systems include computer desks with shelves, drawers, filing cabinets, and more, so you can transform any room into a professional and productive workspace. Whether you want home office furniture with a traditional or a contemporary look, More Space Place offers a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes to complement your home.

Contact us to get started today! 

modern home office

How To Prepare For A Custom Closet Remodel

spring summer clothes

Getting ready for a closet remodel is no small task. It can be difficult to decide on temporary rearrangements while you prep for your custom service. Here at More Space Place, we want this process to go as smoothly as possible so we’ve compiled a list of helpful tricks to prepare you for a remodel. 

Start by Decluttering Your Clothing

Before you start putting all your clothes into bins or garment bags, make sure you really want to keep everything you own. A closet remodel is the perfect time to clean out items you don’t reach for or wear anymore. Lightly worn clothing can be hand-me-downs to friends and family or donation centers. If you declutter first, you may also be able to pack less and store less during the remodel, which may result in reduced packing supplies and storage facility costs.

Decluttering basics:

Closet decluttering can be intense. For example, it can be hard to donate clothing that was expensive, but try to forget about all distractions and ask yourself: “do I like this item?”. If you can forget about what it cost, or the worries that might you need it in the future, you can evaluate the clothing much more simply and end up with a wearable closet. You shouldn’t be keeping clothes in your closet for the wrong reasons! Free yourself from any guilt, and if you don’t like the item anymore, create some real estate in your closet for something you love.

donation / charity bins

Plan Out The Clothes You Want to Wear During the Remodel

This might seem like an obvious tip but be sure to save some clothes from storage to wear while you wait for your dream closet to be built. A custom closet built by our More Space Place professionals can take anywhere from two days to three weeks or on rare occasions, longer. During this time, you want to be sure you have a variety of clothes that you can comfortably lounge and work in, depending on what your daily activities consist of. For shorter time periods you can choose to live out of your suitcase such as you might on short trips, but for longer builds, we recommend wardrobe moving boxes or an inexpensive but sturdy clothing rack. 

closets flickr

Contact Us: 

Customizing your closet’s setup to best suit your needs could be the last step you need to stay on top of your organization. Don’t hesitate to reach out to More Space Place to receive a free consultation for a custom closet. Our design team at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton is happy to assist with bringing your visions to life. Contact us today! 

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Laundry Room Cleanout For Spring & Summer

custom laundry room storage system

If you have an active family, the summer is probably when your house is at its busiest. Going into your laundry room at the end of the day can be exhausting if it’s cluttered. Here at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton, we want to help take the stress away from having a dirty, unorganized space and create an organizational system that works best for you. Read below for more ideas about how to organize your laundry room!

Cut back on Clutter

If your laundry room feels cluttered, it might be because you feel like simply have too many items. Before creating an organizational system, sort through what you have and see if you can’t donate some items first. Lightly used clothing, laundry hampers, organizer, and detergent you don’t use are all great items to be donated. This is best done by setting up garbage bags or cardboard boxes, one labeled “donate” and one labeled ”keep”. After you’ve decided what you want to donate, move the box out of the room so that it’s not in your way. The less you can scatter your belongings the better. 

donation box

Use Bins and Organizers 

Once you have determined what you need, place items in clear bins so you can know what you have. Using plastic bins can also prevent water damage during floods or if your laundry overflows. Try to also place items you need the most within arm’s reach. If you have items you don’t use every day, you can store these on high shelves. Anything you use very rarely can also be stored in a linen/cleaning closet (depending on the product) so they don’t take up space. 

Customize Storage With More Space Place:

If you feel like your organization needs a little bit of extra help, contact More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton for custom laundry room storage. We offer the following accessories:


Our goal at More Space Place of Sarasota and Bradenton is to help you maximize your laundry room space with efficient and functional storage designs that are easy to use, keep you organized, and help streamline your tasks. 

01 laundry utility

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get started today! 

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Building Your Dream Craft Room

custom craft room more space place

Here at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton, we have a variety of custom home projects we can offer. From Murphy beds, custom closets, garage systems, laundry room, pantries – we can do it all! But one project that we love that isn’t so common is craft room organization. Read below to see how we can help you design the craft room of your dreams. 

What is a craft room?

If you’ve never heard of one, you might be wondering: what is a craft room? Craft rooms can come in various different styles and are designed to be a space for personal creative projects. Whether you like to sew, paint, draw, etc we can help you develop a craft room that provides work and storage space for all of your essentials. Many crafting hobbies require a dedicated workspace, can be a little messy, and involve many small tools. Having a dedicated and custom-built craft room ensures that you can keep track of all the essentials and have enough space to create.

craft room wrapping area crop csc md


A Pegboard:

No matter how small a room is we guarantee you have leftover wall space. It can be hard to utilize wall space since it’s vertical, however, a pegboard could be what you need to turn a regular room into a craft room. A pegboard is a perforated hardboard that is used to create vertical hanging space for bins and hooks. Before you decide what you want to store on your pegboard, group like items together and plan out the layout of your items. If you have large amounts of one type of item, you can use bins or baskets to keep those items in the same place. A pegboard is a great, inexpensive way to make the most of your space.

Work Stations

Work stations are perfect for providing both storage and workspace. With a workstation, your home projects will be more organized and less cluttered creating a better workflow. A workstation is excellent at holding all the supplies you need for your projects. If you’re only looking for storage, a slat board system or a wall cabinet would likely be a better option, but if you want space for your projects along with storage, a workstation is a fantastic solution.

Craft Room Cabinetry

Custom storage cabinets for your craft room allow you to store all your most clutter-prone materials to maintain a tidy workspace. Inside the cabinets, you can customize your shelving in a way that makes sense for the materials you have. Or if you want to account for expanding your collection, try adjustable shelving so you can change the layout as your craft storage needs evolve.

closet craft

Contact Us:

Customized craft room storage and organization can make all the difference for your creative projects. You can maximize the function and enjoyment of your space by having your tools and supplies within easy reach and maintaining an organized space.

Contact More Space Place of Sarasota and Bradenton today to schedule a free in-home consultation!

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Transforming Rooms With A Murphy Bed

Transforming Rooms With A Murphy Bed

Often have guests over, but don’t have a lot of room for them? A Murphy bed is the perfect solution. With a Murphy bed, any room can be easily transformed into a bedroom. Whether it’s an office, craft room, or even a guest bedroom, a small space can be transformed with ease. If you’re looking to get more functionality out of your space, a Murphy bed is the perfect solution for you.

Transforming An Office

Using a Murphy bed in an office allows you to get the function of an office during the day, but the function of a bedroom at night. More Space Place offers a variety of Murphy beds that include both a desk and a bed. By using an all-in-one unit, a Murphy bed can easily transform any office into a dual-purpose room. Whether you have a small office or a larger one, a Murphy bed will create and utilize more space for your office.

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Transforming A Craft Room

Another room that can easily be transformed is the craft room. A commonality between craft rooms is that they often need plenty of storage for craft supplies. Murphy beds can provide additional storage to the craft room creating both storage for supplies and space for a bed. Not only do Murphy beds provide functionality, but they will also create more decor for your craft room. By using a Murphy bed, you can get more functionality and decor out of your craft room while being able to transform it into a bedroom at any time. 

Transforming A Guest Bedroom

Guest bedrooms are a perfect room to use a Murphy bed in. By using a Murphy bed in a guest bedroom, the space can easily be transformed into any room you want while still being a guest bedroom. This will create an almost entirely new room in your house. Whether you need an additional storage room, living room, or another office, the guest bedroom can become whatever you want. 

Murphy beds give you the option to create a guest bedroom wherever you want while still maintaining the functionality of another room.

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Contact Us

Here at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton, our expert designers can help you find the perfect Murphy bed for your space. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more!

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How To Organize A Pantry

Organize A Pantry

If you’re new to optimized pantry design and/or looking to refresh your system, there are a multitude of ways of doing so. Every pantry is structured differently but essentially consists of a cabinet with shelving. No matter how your pantry is built, try different organizational methods so you can find out what works best for you and your household. Read below to find out our tips and tricks to organize a pantry.

Trying bins and organizers:

If you look in your pantry and you see piles of snacks or items, try using bins or clear containers. Leaving food in their original containers can cause your favorite snacks to get “lost” behind bigger items in your pantry. If you use separate snack bins, you never have to “dig” through your pantry again! We recommend using open-faced bins so you or your kids can easily grab snacks at any time.

As for smaller items in your pantry, such as your spices and herbs, consider a lazy susan! Lazy Susan’s are a great way to organize because they allow you to view all your items at once. A Lazy Susan is also a wonderful way to utilize the height of shelf space, meaning you can fit more things into corners. Most pantry shelves can support the weight of a Lazy Susan but if you’re hoping to redo your pantry design, don’t hesitate to reach out to our designers here at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton. 

iStock 1321502613 1 scaled e1648682313822

Using height wisely:

Another way to make the most of your space is by using shelf dividers. Some pantry shelves are taller rather than they are deep. This means a wire rack to divide one shelf into two, could be a perfect solution! With a wire rack, you can group categories of the same food together such as canned soups on one level and dried pasta/grains on another. 

Using your height can also look like placing healthier snacks at eye level. If you have young children, after they come home from school they probably grab whatever snack is the easiest to reach. If you store sugary or “weekend” snacks on higher shelves, your children will be more likely to opt for the easier-to-reach healthy snacks instead! 

Apply this tip to “adult snacks” such as alcohol and your personal snacks too! If you have a prized wine collection, a stylish and efficient wine rack can even be incorporated into your custom pantry design.

iStock 98434294 e1648681827762

Contact Us:

And of course, if you feel like your lack of organization comes from your pantry’s physical setup, we can help! Reach out to More Space Place to receive a free consultation for a custom pantry. Customizing your pantry’s set up to best suit your needs is a great way to stay on top of your organization. Our design team at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton is happy to assist with bringing your visions to life. Contact us today! 

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Spring Cleaning Closet Hacks

Spring Cleaning Closet Hacks

It’s almost spring and you know what that means! It’s time to get a head start on tidying up and decluttering your space! Organizing your space can be an arduous task, but try to start small. Read on for some Spring cleaning closet hacks on where to begin cleaning out your closet for the upcoming season.

The Method:

Before you can start cleaning, it is best to get an overview of the items you have so you can decide what you want to keep and what you want to clear out. This is best done by taking everything out of your closet and physically dumping it out on your bed. We recommend dumping it out on your bed rather than the floor because this way, your clothes can stay clean and it feels more like doing an everyday task like laundry rather than an overwhelming task like de-cluttering.

After you have a (most likely giant) pile of clothes on your bed, it is time to determine what to keep and what to give away. There are a variety of methods for de-cluttering, but we recommend using something called the “Marie Kondo” method, an organizational method coined by a Japanese woman named Mari Kondo. This method has many different elements but it begins with deciding if a clothing piece “sparks joy” or not. If a clothing piece “sparks joy” then this means you feel happy when you wear this piece, meaning it is probably worth keeping. If it’s something you don’t reach for often or much at all, or maybe it once “sparked joy” but doesn’t recently, then you can thank the item for the joys it gave you and donate it so it can spark joy for someone else instead. 

The Task:

After you have officially sorted what you want to keep and what you’d like to donate, it’s time to get organizing! No matter what way you choose to organize, make sure your clothes are all visible and in some type of order. For example, if you like to wear lots of colors, group like-colored clothing together for a closet rainbow! If you prefer neutral colors, separate your clothing by events such as loungewear, office wear, and event wear. Then arrange your clothes in a way that makes sense for you! 

One example might be by weather: this means from left to right – first tank tops, then t-shirts, blouses, long sleeves, and finally jackets or outerwear. Organize your closet in a way that will work best for you and save you time and stress in the morning. If you try it out for a week and decide you don’t like it, try a new method! There are many different ways to organize and sometimes it takes trial-and-error to find what works best for you. 

woman going through closet 991392788 min


Donating some clothing at the start of spring is a great way to set yourself up for success. As you get rid of some clothing items you don’t wear as often, you can start recognizing patterns in what you like to wear or what are missing and thus aspire to add to your wardrobe so that you can make better, more conscious shopping choices in future months and years to come. 

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Need some extra help? 

And of course, if you feel like your lack of organization comes from your closet’s physical set up such as lack of drawers or hanging space, reach out to More Space Place to receive a free consultation for a custom closet. Customizing your closet’s set up to best suit your needs could be the last step you need to stay on top of your organization. Our design team at More Space Place Sarasota and Bradenton is happy to assist with bringing your visions to life. Contact us today! 

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Designing Your Child’s Room

designing child's room

Deciding how to organize your child’s room can be a difficult task. As your child grows, their personal tastes and likes might change quite frequently. Furniture specially designed for children (such as princess style or bunk beds) can be quickly outgrown. No matter what their aesthetic is, if you have furniture in neutral accents, it’ll make it easier to customize and change up the space in the long run. There are many different ways you can customize and set up a multi-functional space, like adding a Murphy bed to maximize floor space. Read on to find out how a Murphy bed could benefit you and your child.


Custom Murphy beds come in a range of different systems. Some Murphy beds are set in the wall. When they are pulled up, they are flush with the wall’s surface, providing optimal room for kids to set up foldable tables and move chairs around. Other Murphy beds come with their own frame. The frame can be designed with storage spaces so your child can have their own shelves and cubbies to store their personal items. If your child’s bed has a neutral design, you can easily switch out bed sheets and wall decor as their aesthetic changes and they grow up. 

new murphy bed

Extra Storage

For rooms that are narrow, have low ceilings, or have height constraints, Side Panel Beds are the best option. Folding Murphy and wall beds are a great organizational solution for kids’ rooms, maximizing their space for sleepovers, playing, and studying. A Side Panel Bed is a perfect bed for a pre-teen or teenager since they are available in twin, full, or queen sizes. With the option to add built-in desks, drawers, or extra cabinetry, Murphy beds are highly functional.

murphy bed storage

Contact Us

If you’re interested in a Murphy bed either for your child or for yourself, stop by your local More Space Place showroom in Sarasota or Bradenton, to examine our custom furniture for yourself. Our Staff is here to provide you with a FREE no-obligation design consultation, quotation, and 3-D design drawing of your project. Reach out today!

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