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Custom Closet Designs For The Active Kid

If you’re a parent, you are probably all too familiar with the constant struggle to keep your child’s bedroom neat and tidy. Between science projects, soccer practice, and the general mess kids can cause, having an organizational system for your child can be helpful for both of you. Here at More Space Place Bradenton, we […]

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How To: Accomplish A Closet Makeover

If you’ve been struggling with closet clutter, it may be affecting your life in other ways you haven’t realized. Clutter and disorganization at home can seep over into other areas of your life. Sifting through chaotic piles of clothes and shoes can start your day off on the wrong foot. A beautifully organized closet not […]

Is a Standing-Level Desk Right for You?

At More Space Place, we stay up to date on the latest trends in custom home offices. That way, we can best tailor our designs to any customer’s needs. Many of our Sarasota customers have expressed interest in standing desks. They wonder if the benefits they’ve heard are really true. It turns out standing desks […]

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Designing Your Own Custom Closet

If you’re looking to build a new storage system in your home, something created with your needs in mind and with a personal flair built in, a custom closet might be the perfect solution for you. A custom closet allows you the ideal setup for your personal storage needs and maximizes the utility of the […]

5 Benefits of Custom Home Office Furniture

If you’re able to telecommute or if you regularly work from home for your own business in Port Charlotte, FL, you probably already have a home office. If so, is it everything it could be? If you’re still using the same desk that was left over from the craft room, you might be selling yourself […]

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Tips For Keeping An Organized Closet

Organizing one’s closet isn’t always a top priority. Life gets busy here on Florida’s Gulf Coast, and there are usually more important things to worry about. However, having an organized home can make other areas of life feel more organized, too, and having an organized closet is a good place to start. Here we’ll outline […]

How to Create a Multifunctional Living Room

In many Sarasota homes the living room isn’t just a living room. It’s a place to gather with friends and watch a Sunday football game, or an oasis to recharge and read a good book on a Wednesday night. On other days it may serve as the social center of a dinner party, or even […]

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wall beds for kids in sarasota, bradenton, and port charlotte

Add Space To Your Child’s Bedroom With A Wall Bed

Finding enough space for our needs and those of our family can often require some juggling here in the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte, Florida, areas. This is especially true if you have children. Perhaps you’ve experienced the challenge of finding enough space for the kids to play and the frustration of tripping over toys […]

Turn Your Awkward Attic Into A Functional Space

Attics are often forgotten spaces in a home. They’re generally dark and uninviting, stuffy and small, and utilized for little more than storing holiday decorations. Attics frequently have slanted ceilings and limited natural light, making them difficult to design or decorate. Nevertheless, their design challenges can also be seen as distinct advantages if leveraged properly. […]

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4 Essentials Of A Custom Closet

If you’re tired of the clutter in your closet, it might be time to do something about it. The best way to maximize efficiency and organization in your closet is to create a customized storage solution for your items. Everyone’s storage needs are different, which is why creating something specifically for you is ideal. When […]

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