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Home Office Installations In Small Spaces

small home office Sarasota

small home office SarasotaIf you’ve been itching for a home office or even just a simple workspace in your home but have struggled with finding the room for it, you may be in luck. Customizing storage and built-in furniture solutions for any space is our specialty. Just because you don’t have a spare room doesn’t mean you don’t have the room for a home office. Today More Space Place Sarasota will explore some alternative options for home office designs that can be incorporated into small spaces.

Coat Closet

Do you have a small coat closet or other potentially underused storage space in your home? If so, this location could be a prime candidate for a custom home office or workspace! With the addition of a small desk insert, a simple chair, and some built-in shelves, you could turn this space into a highly functional work area that has a low impact on your home.

Under the Stairs

Some homes in the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte areas have an empty space under a staircase often goes unused. This kind of alcove is a great place to incorporate a small study spot. The slant of the staircase makes it difficult to find a traditional use for the space, which makes a custom solution your best option, as it can be designed to create the perfect fit.

Empty Wall Nook

Another great alternate placement for a workspace is in that awkward wall nook you don’t know what to do with. It’s likely this nook in your bedroom, kitchen, dining area, or living room is currently either empty or not being utilized productively. Whichever room it’s in, consider turning this nook into a small home office.

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We offer a variety of styles and finishes to choose from when designing your office space. Our award-winning team can work with you to create something that appears and feels so seamless that it’ll look like it was there all along. If you’d like to learn more or get started with a free in-home design consultation, contact More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte today!

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Top Shelf Award Winner 2017: Nautical Home Office

nautical home office Sarasota

Back in April, we attended the Top Shelf Closet Design Awards in Chicago to celebrate More Space Place’s own Bob Barthman who was the overall winner of the 2017 contest.

In addition to being awarded the overall winner of the contest, Bob took home the top prize in the category of “Home Office: Over 150 square feet.” The project that won Bob first place was Condo on the Bay – Nautical Home Office. It features a white laminate finish, as well as custom color match paint on traditional medium density fiberboard (MDF) door and drawer panels. For an added special touch, traditional crown moulding was fitted all around the top of the bed and upper cabinets.

Project Details

The Sarasota condo in which the custom home office was installed is on the third floor of a building that overlooks Sarasota Bay. The nautical theme fit perfectly in the seaside setting, and the overall project came out beautifully. The customer wanted the space to be open, and they wanted the design to include plenty of effective storage. Bob’s storage design combined cupboards, drawers, and open shelving to create a versatile and well-rounded system. A matching Murphy bed was installed beside the desk to provide a comfortable extra bedroom. The space-saving bed further heightened the function and efficiency of the room, and it will allow the home office to pull double duty when necessary.

Take a tour of the Nautical Home Office below!

nautical home office Sarasota

nautical home office Sarasota

custom home office Sarasota

Sarasota custom home office

home office with murphy bed sarasota

nautical home office Sarasota

custom home office sarasota

nautical home office Sarasota

nautical home office Sarasota

It was a lot of fun attending this year’s Top Shelf Closet Design red carpet event. It was also very inspiring to get to see many great home storage designs from other professionals in the industry. We’re fortunate to have an award-winning designer on our More Space Place team. Congratulations, Bob, on a job well done!

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If you’d like to learn more about having your own custom home office designed and installed, contact us today for a free in-home consultation. You can also visit us at one of our three More Space Place showrooms in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte.


Is a Standing-Level Desk Right for You?

sarasota custom home office furniture

sarasota custom home office furniture

At More Space Place, we stay up to date on the latest trends in custom home offices. That way, we can best tailor our designs to any customer’s needs. Many of our Sarasota customers have expressed interest in standing desks. They wonder if the benefits they’ve heard are really true. It turns out standing desks do have many benefits, so long as they are used in moderation.

The Benefits

Standing desks help fight a sedimentary lifestyle. It is a common belief that it’s difficult to get the exercise you need when you spend so much time working. However, you can burn more calories by standing up at work rather than sitting. One University of Chester study found that standing at your desk for three hours could burn 170 calories. Do that every day, and it becomes almost 1,000 per week!

Working at a standing-level desk is linked to lower blood sugar levels and may lower your risk of heart disease. Alternating between sitting and standing during the day can help stop spikes in blood sugar that increase your risk of type-2 diabetes. They are an excellent option for the health-conscious consumer.

Many proponents of standing desks cite improvements in their back or neck pain, a common reason people try standing desks. Going with a custom home office can remedy many of these effects as we take into consideration your individual ergonomic needs, in addition to using a standing-level desk.

An Important Caveat

Despite the many benefits of standing, spending the day on your feet increases risk factors for spine compression, which can lead to future back problems. It also puts you at risk for cardiovascular problems, as your heart has to work harder to pump blood when you’re standing, including carotid arteries, deep vein thrombosis, and varicose veins. Standing can increase fatigue and lead to a drop in productivity and energy after work.

Standing in Moderation

The reasons stated above are why many experts suggest alternating between standing and sitting while at work, which increases physical activity throughout the day while minimizing the downfalls of a both sitting and standing.

Sitting is good sometimes, but standing up every once in a while to enjoy our beautiful gulf breeze can have many health benefits as well!

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For more information on the various home office furniture options we offer, call your custom solution experts at More Space Place Sarasota today.

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5 Benefits of Custom Home Office Furniture

custom home office furniture sarasota, bradenton, port charlotte

custom home office furniture sarasota, bradenton, port charlotteIf you’re able to telecommute or if you regularly work from home for your own business in Port Charlotte, FL, you probably already have a home office. If so, is it everything it could be? If you’re still using the same desk that was left over from the craft room, you might be selling yourself short. Furniture bought from a standard furniture store might be an easy solution, but is it creating the ideal office environment for you?

If you’re not content with your current office layout, it’s time to upgrade to a custom setup. Custom office furniture can include a desk, cabinets, shelving, unique storage solutions, and much more. From floor to ceiling bookshelves to modern, integrated cabinetry, a custom office design has numerous features and benefits.

1. Make the Most of Your Space

No matter what size of space you have available for your office, a custom setup allows you to make the most of it. With a custom home office, every inch of space can be maximized with custom furniture designed to complement the space perfectly. You’ll maximize the use of the room as each furniture piece dovetails with all of the other components.

2. Optimal Ergonomics

From desk height to the location of frequently used drawers and important areas of the office, there is an ideal placement, size, and configuration to ensure you will stay healthy, happy, and comfortable at work. When your office furniture is custom designed, ideal ergonomics can be built right in.

3. Maximize Storage Solutions

In addition to a custom desk with ideal space both on the surface and in the storage, custom office solutions ensure that you’ll have the perfect amount of storage for your needs. Expandable options are also available that leave your Port Charlotte business room to grow.

4. Beautiful Aesthetics

When it comes to office aesthetics, looks matter. Furniture types and styles that are mismatched or discordant disrupt the visual flow of the room. This creates a background of subtle distraction and can lead to increased stress and lapses in productivity. By comparison, custom office furniture fits like a glove as one piece flows seamlessly into the next. Whether you choose sleek, modern look or a classically traditional style, your custom home office can mirror your tastes and preferences.

5. Exquisite Attention to Detail

Custom office furniture also ensures all the fine details will be taken care of to meet your workplace needs and specifications. You can include space for an oversized monitor, specialized hardware cabinets, and furniture details to help you hide all your cords and cables. More Space Place of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte offers a wide variety of colors, finishes, hardware, and other elements so you can achieve your ideal look.

A considerable amount of time is spent in your home office, so why not create an environment where you’ll love to be? Custom home office furniture brings numerous personal and professional benefits to your workspace. Call the experts at More Space Place today to schedule a free in-home consultation!


Benefits Of A Custom Home Office

Custom Home Office Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte

Custom Home Office Sarasota, Bradenton, Port CharlotteIf you work from home, you’re probably familiar with the luxuries it can provide. Don’t feel like getting dressed today? Go to work in your pajamas! Are you hungry for a snack? Take a walk to the fridge for your favorite food. However, with all the benefits afforded to those who work from home, there can also be challenges. Here we’ll discuss the reasons why a custom home office is the best option for those who work where they live.

Helps With Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of having a custom home office is that it helps increase productivity. People who work from home have likely tried various setups in an effort to find the perfect one. Sure, it can be comfortable to work at the kitchen table, on the couch, or in your bed, but it can also be difficult to stay productive. Many people have a hard time staying on task if they work in these environments because it’s easy to get distracted by the dishes that need to be done or by the soft blanket that’s tempting you to take a nap. A home office allows you to customize your workspace to perfectly fit your professional needs. Having an organized area that is specifically designed for work will keep you on task and productive throughout the workday.

Designates Your Personal Work Area

Another benefit of customizing your home office is it creates a designated area just for you and your work. The kitchen table can be fine during the day, but when the kids get home, it can turn into the homework zone and is needed for mealtime after that. Having a customized space for your home office not only keeps you organized, but also reduces the stress that can be caused by feeling scattered. A custom home office also allows you to design your setup to fit your storage and equipment needs. Maybe you need a lot of drawer space for filing or paper storage. Perhaps you need a split-screen computer to best get your work done. With a custom home office you can build your desk and shelving units to perfectly accommodate these needs.

Are you ready to get started on designing your perfect custom home office? Give More Space Place a call today. Our three locations in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte are here to serve you and your home storage needs.


Home Improvement Projects that Add Value to Your Home


Any time a homeowner considers a home improvement project, two questions typically come to mind. Does this home improvement make the best use of the space I have? And, will I get my investment in the project back when it comes time to sell the house? Let’s take three popular projects and look at them through the lens of these key factors.


Home Office Build-Out. With the installation of unique home office furniture, it’s possible to create a workspace in a spare bedroom, or even in an unused corner in a larger room of the home. In the case of the bedroom, the home office build-out is a home improvement that promotes a dual purpose for a single space. That’s a particular benefit in smaller homes that have only one or two bedrooms.

While a home office build-out doesn’t rank as high on some home improvement lists, creating a space featuring unique home office furniture will often return about 70% of the money spent on it when the house sells. What’s more, it maximizes your home’s use of space at the same time.


Kitchen Remodel. On the space-saving side, a well-planned kitchen remodel will incorporate the most efficient ways for storing food, kitchen tools, cookware, plates, glassware, and the like. A kitchen home improvement project almost always takes place within its original footprint. This space often becomes a main gathering place at meal times, during parties, or just for a chat, so many kitchens are laid out to accommodate socializing.

In terms of recouping cost, the kitchen remodel has long been at or near the top of the list, with most of these home improvement success stories returning 90% or even 100% and up of the money spent on them.



Pantry Makeover. Because it’s stationed close to the kitchen, a pantry project and its costs are often folded into the kitchen remodel, so as a whole, a kitchen/pantry remodel should be well worth the money invested when a house goes on the market.

Where a well-organized pantry shines, of course, is in the efficient use of its space. Shelving, bins, cabinets, and racks placed properly in this comparatively small space make life easy for the head of the kitchen, or anyone else looking to find an item quickly.

The home office, the kitchen, or the pantry – upgrading any or all of these areas can add to the comfort and utility of a home. Whether you can resell the upgrade for close to its cost, and whether the remodel or makeover you’re considering is the best possible use of space, varies widely from home to home.

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